social mediaWant to build your business with Social Media instead of TV?   In the previous decades of network marketing, building your business outside of the warm market list could prove to be very costly.   It is not cheap to place an ad in a newspaper or periodical.   And, if was just a one time exposure.

After the add was placed, there was the initial bump of interest in the product. But, one week after the ad had been placed, the spike in sales level off and you were back to trying to bug people to look at your business.

With the growth of social media, there are more options for you to spread the word about your business for a fraction of the cost-and sometimes free-for what it previously cost to advertise your business.

For network marketers, this is a huge benefit.   There are now options that allow us to get the word out about our business without having to appear like the annoying person who wants you to attend a hotel meeting.

Social media is better than traditional media for the following reasons:

  • Allows You to Extend the Conversation
    With traditional media, the company spends thousands of dollars on TV for an add or a series of adds.   Each exposure is usually less than a minute.   And then the add is done.  The customer may be impressed by the add.   But, there is no representative with whom he can carry on a conversation.The conversation is one-sided.   This is not the case with social media.   If a customer has a complaint and they make a post on Twitter® or Facebook®, a company that is social media say will have a representative that will respond promptly and address the customers concerns.Also social media provide a platform where there is a back and forth to the conversation between customer and company.

    In the book, “The Thank You Economy”  by Gary Vaynerchuck, he called this ping-pong.   When you can respond to customer concerns online, there is more back and forth to the conversation.   The back and forth is like a game of ping pong.This conversation can be carried on for a fraction of the cost of what traditional media costs.

    This is especially helpful if you are a network marketing representative.   When people post negative things about the company or the industry.  This medium allows you to quickly and sincerely address their questions and concerns.  With traditional media, this is not the case.

  • Social Media Allows You the Ability to Make the Conversation Memorable
    Social Media is different from traditional media in that you can-through conversation-make the dialogue memorable.   Its not really possible through traditional media to come across as warm.With the added touch of an online representative who answers and addresses concerns, it puts a human touch on the face of a company.When promoting a network marketing business, people who are interested more than anything want to have their questions answered. They don’t want a canned response.   Social media allows you through several channels to be authentic.   Potential prospects can sense that.
    There may be some companies that say, social media is not a safe arena in which to promote a company.  But, nothing could be further from the truth.  It allows your company to come across with a human face instead of nameless corporation. The more human that you appear with your prospects, the quicker they will know, like and trust you.

    And, with social media the conversation concerning your company’s products and services is ongoing-and at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.  If you want to learn ways to build your online presence and grow your business, then click below for your Free Internet Recruiting Bootcamp.

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