pexels-photo-70292Everyone knows that in order to build a direct sales leader, you have to get people to want to be a part of your team.

Well, how do you make people even realize they want to be on your team.

In Inc. magazine, there is an article entitled,  “How to Make People Believe in You.”

The author, Scott Harrison who is also the CEO of Charity Water, a not for profit explains the three things that you need to do in order to have people trust you.

In the direct sales industry, your goal is to build a team of consumers and also people who are interested in purchasing the products from the company.   If you don’t know these people already then you have to be persuade them of your good intentions and pure motives.

Well, how do you do that?

Be Visual
When you are seeking to promote your business through Facebook© and other online means,  you need to post regularly.   People need to know that you are a real person.   If they see your face online and through video, then they know that you are a real person.

If all you are posting are links for people to purchase your products, then they have no opportunity to see who you are and learn to know, like and trust you before spending money with you.

At the minimum, have a profile picture and seek to do videos educating people about your industry.   These should not be sales videos.   They should be videos that provide information that will assist a potential buyer in making their decision.

Easy to Say Yes
Provide people with the opportunity to join your organization for a very small amount.   You should be trying to sell them something expensive.   If you want to promote a product that you are creating, then make the entry price very low say $20 to purchase the product.

That allows people to join you for a minimal fee.  If you want to make it even easier, then just give away your free report.   When something is free, there are really no strings attached and people are just naturally going to to say yes easier to something that is free than something where there is a fee-however small-attached.

Know Your Audience
People who are seeking to promote a direct sales company need to know their audience.   In this case, the audience are people who need more money, time or flexibility to be with their children.   So, present your opportunity as something that will help them accomplish that.

You do your marketing and posting in areas where people are looking for information on the network marketing industry.   These are people who are already sold on this industry.

So promote to people who share your views, it will be a lot easier to grow your business.


Keep working towards your goals!