lead generationThe goal of every network marketer is to have more leads.  With leads you have people that will either purchase products or possibly decide to join your business.

In order to have people purchase products, they have to like what you are saying or providing.  They then provide you  their contact information because they are looking for help.

With this contact information,  you can start to engage them in a conversation about what they are actually interested in.  This type of action will assist in your network marketing lead generation.

So, how do you get your leads to interact and respond to what you are saying?   Well, here are three things that I learned from top network marketer, Ray Higdon.

Don’t Assume that they will Share your Content
Make a suggestion at the end of your post with a recommendation to share.  It could be something like,“Feel free to share”  or you could state, “If I were to do something with this, would you be interested?”

Most people, if they are interested in what you have to say, want to be helpful.  As long as you aren’t too pushy, they are going to respond.

This is whole premise of attraction marketing.  You don’t directly push to sell your products.  You provide something of value that you know people are looking for.   When they find it, then they are going to want to engage with you and this will eventually-not in all cases-lead to them joining your opportunity or possibly become a consumer of your products.

Untitled designCelebrate Your Successes with your Team
If you reach a goal with the number of posts you have online or you sell a large number of products, then offer something to your team in celebration of that success.

In this way, your team and future prospects will see that you are about seeing their lives improve and not just yours.

When people see that you genuinely care about their success, they are going to want to join your team.   It is only in the business of network marketing where when one person succeeds, they raise up the success level of those around them.

This is not the case in corporate America.  There are only a few number of limited positions at top.  You also don’t get to determine what the timeline is to rise to the top.

Form a Group/Tribe
When you have people that have already chose to provide your their contact information, you can reach out to them and ask them if they want to be a part of your tribe.

This just means that you come together for the purpose of helping each other succeed in this business.   You all are interested in similar goals.  Otherwise, you would not have provided your contact information.

Remember help your leads out by recommending them to share your contact.  They are usually happy to help and this will benefit you in the long term

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