interpersonal skillsIf you want to build and grow a network marketing business, then you need to develop your phone skills.  Yes, you can build this business online.  But, you eventually have to pick up the phone to respond to people who have contacted you about your business.   So, how do you develop your phone skills so that they become natural and not rigid?

When talking to a future prospect about your network marketing business.  Make sure to smile.  If you are scared or unhappy about having to pick up the phone, it will come through in your voice.  Just smile and share from your heart with the prospect about your opportunity.  If it’s the right time for them, then they will say yes.  If not, then at least you asked.  Remember, it’s important to not be addicted to the outcome.  The right people in time will be attracted to your business.  If you are too worried about their response, then you won’t be natural.

Be Nice
Remember the key to connecting with a future prospect is to listen.  When you are talking to someone on the phone, it’s important to be a good listener.   Being a good listener is key to helping you develop  your interpersonal skills.  Don’t ever try to be pushy or interrupt your prospect, that will push them away.  Being nice will help to keep that bridge open in case the prospect is open to the business at a future date.

Have Good Posture
The way you hold yourself will be communicated over the phone.  You can stand or be sitting in a chair.  Don’t be in a slouch position.   The way that we are sitting is communicated to prospects over the phone.  People want to work with someone who has an upbeat attitude and feels that they have something good to offer.

Having good posture also communicates that you sincerely care about the other person.  The way that you hold yourself is communicated over the phone.

Also, before you ask to speak with your prospect over the phone, you need to have at least three messages on FB before you have earned the right to speak with them.

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