network marketing tipsYou have joined a network marketing business and you are struggling to grow your downline.  Maybe you don’t even have a downline despite major effort on your part.

If you are struggling, how can you help others overcome this hurdle that you are currently facing?

Well, here are two network marketing tips that will help you grow the downline:

Answer Questions
If you really want to see your network marketing business grow, then answer people questions about the network marketing business.  Don’t try to mask anything about the industry.

Tell them that this is not a get rich quick business and yes they will have to work very hard to make it to the top where the income is.   In corporate America,  you have to work very hard in order to make it to the top, and once you make it to the top, you have to work many long hours to stay there.

However if they follow a system, then they will succeed.    If they ask you about your business, tell them the truth.  Don’t ever tell a prospect that this is easy.  There are people who do succeed  but it is because they worked very hard.  They usually did their full time job and then built their business in the “nooks and crannies” of their day.

Be Willing to Give up Habits
The only way to build this business is to grow yourself.  If you have habits and self-defeating behavior then building this type of business will require that you work on yourself in addition to this business.

If your habits are spending 5-10 hours a week watching your favorite shows, then you won’t be able to do that and build a business.   If you want to be leader, then you have to model positive actions that other people will want to follow.

If you are single and enjoy going out with friends a couple nights a week, then you will need to give that up in order to spend time on this business.  If you have a family, you will have to work even harder to build this because you have less flexibility with your time than  someone without children.

When building a business, you are going to initially have to do a lot of work that you will not be paid for.  This is true in any business.   But, with network marketing, you eventually will reap the windfall of sowing all those seeds.  It may happen in a few months, but it usually will take more effort-years.

In most other traditional businesses, you have to do the work in order to get paid.   In network marketing this is eventually not the case.   This happens when other people have joined your business and you are receiving a percentage of their product sales.   You will not be having to make those sales but you will receive a financial benefit.

With the prolonged uncertainty in our economy, many individuals are looking for an alternative income stream that does not require a large initial investment.  Answer their questions, consistently work on yourself and you will eventually realize the results that you desire.

Limit Your Negative Talk

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