pexels-photo-390625We are now more than one month into the summer.   We like most people were out on the 4th of July weekend enjoying the sun and the water at a local waterpark.

If you are one of the very lucky ones who gets to go someplace tropical, like the Caribbean or to the Florida coast, then you definitely packed sunscreen into your bags.

When you are out swimming in the ocean or in a reef, all of that sunscreen that you have lathered on to protect against the suns rays will come off your skin into the elements.

When you are the ocean, you are sharing the water with many other living are creatures.  How do you know that you chose the best sunscreen for the environment?

This link  details how the sunscreens that many bathers use contain harmful ingredients that are not good for the coral reefs.

The harmful ingredients are causing the destruction of the living organisms that survive on the reef.  The beauty in a reef is because of all the life that you witness below the surface of the water.

If all these living organisms are being destroyed by the sunscreen that you are wearing, you may want to consider changing your sunscreen so that the reef will be there in the future for you to enjoy snorkeling in.

When choosing a sunscreen, you want to look for the ingredient zinc oxide.  This protects from the suns harmful rays but at the same time does not damage your skin, the body’s largest organ.

Zinc oxide not only protects from the suns harmful rays but is a natural conditioning agent for the skin.   Zinc is an element found in nature so when some of the sunscreen comes off in the water, it will not be as harmful to the other living organisms in the water.

Another ingredient that you want to look for is Aloe Barbenesis.   Most people are aware of the healing qualities of aloe for the skin.

When skin is inflamed or agitated, the application of aloe has soothing properties for the skin.   A sunscreen that is good for the environment will have extracts from the Calendula and Chamomile flower.

Calendula oil soothes and moisturizes the skin.   Throughout my childhood, my Mom would put calendula oil on any cuts or bruises.  This would help to soothe the cut but also helped to promote healing.

Chamomile extract also soothes the skin.  It has a calming nature on the area that is inflamed or cut.

So, remember enjoy yourself out in the ocean but make sure that the sunscreen you are wearing does not come off in the water and damage the life of other living organisms in the water.


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