Untitled design-7 copy 2You have decided that you want to join a network marketing business but have decided that the best way is build it by recruiting prospects online.

You are a people person  but prefer to talk to prospects who are actually researching ways to make additional income outside of the traditional nine to five job.

After doing research online, you learn that there are more than 1250 searches conducted daily online for the terms network marketing.

That doesn’t even include all the people who search for specific network marketing companies as well as other related network marketing terms like MLM or build a downline.

So, how would you go about building your network marketing business online?   Well, I would first suggest the following:

1.  Set up a Blog.
This is your own little place of online real estate where you discuss and educate prospects about network marketing.  You can create a domain name under your name or under another term that you feel would be related to the network marketing business online.  (

I created my blog under my name because there is only one Marti Norris. Well, there are probably other Marti Norris’.  But, they probably aren’t trying to grow a network marketing business online.)

-You will need to first register your domain at a place like Hostgator.com.  There are plenty of other domain registering companies out there but I have chosen Hostgator.com.

-Once you have registered your domain name, you will need to create your blog at a place like WordPress.com or Blogger.com 

2. Sign up with an Affiliate Company.
This Affiliate Company is in addition to your network marketing company where you can promote products that help potential prospects build a network marketing business.

I choose to work Elite Marketing Pro because of the  high quality of the products that they create and in addition the excellent training that they provide.

This gives you a way to promote additional training products on your website, not just your network marketing company.  And, you can market to people regardless of whether they choose to join your network marketing company.

online advertising3. Create an Online Advertising Account
Creating an online advertising account allows where you to bid for keywords.  I am currently running a Pay Per Click campaign with the company www.50onred.com.

I am bidding on keywords that I determined were good searches based upon my research with www.Market Samurai.com

Just remember as with anything out there, there will always be a learning curve and success will not come overnight.

But, the longer you persist and work towards your goal, then it will be worth it.

4. Market to People you Come into Contact With
You can continue to pursue offline marketing methods but do it with a softer approach.  If someone asks you what you are doing in your spare time, you can tell them about your website and what you are working to create.

That way if they are actually interested and open, they can check out your website to see exactly what you are creating.  By telling people your reasons for doing this, it makes is personable and therefore you are relatable.

Just remember, as many in this industry have said, building a network marketing business is not a sprint, it is definitely a marathon.

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