blog post headlineThe way to build your network marketing business is to provide people help who are looking for information on network marketing online.

They may be individuals who have already joined a network marketing company or are considering joining one.

They will go online looking for information.   If you want them to come to your site, you need to give them information that they will find interesting and helpful.   So, how do you do this?

You do this by writing good headlines in your blog post, which will draw them in.  What are Three Things you Need in Your Blog Post Headline?

  1.  Give a Solution to The Reader’s Problem
    In my situation, I am seeking to grow my network marketing business.  I show other network marketers through the blog headline titles ways that will help them grow their network marketing business.Your blog post headline should not be an advertisement about your company’s products.Honestly, people are not really that interested in your products.   Especially, if you are trying to push it down their throats.  They want to know how you can help them solve a problem.Maybe their problem is a health condition.

    Maybe they are looking for ways to increase their income.   Or, it could be a working Mom who wants to be able to be at home with her children while still earning an income.

    Show her that in your blog post, you are going to explain ways that she can build her network marketing business and leave her friends and family alone.

2.  Look at Previous Headlines
Some of the best copywriters learned by studying headlines of top selling magazines that line the shelves of the check out counter of your local grocery store.   The headlines of these magazines have words that compel the shopper who sees them to want to purchase the magazine.

The headlines tell the reader exactly what they should expect to find when they purchase the magazine.  Any new copywriter should know, you can’t copy someone else’s work.   That is plagiarism.   But you can use some of the same methods that they use to come up with great headlines.

The more you study what other successful writers have done, you will soon see the results in your own ability to create headlines that draw people in.

3.  Don’t Copy
The more you study other good/great copywriters,  the more you will be able to write great copy.     You might wonder how can you come up with your own original copy.   The only answer is practice, practice.

The more you practice, the easier it will become to write good copy with information that is helpful.  People will want to hear what you have to say, and your headlines will be what draws them in.

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