cold callingIf you are seeking to grow a network marketing business, you will eventually run out of the standard sources of leads that most new network marketers are told about.   In an effort to get their business opportunity in front of more people, they will resort to cold calling.  They tell themselves that this is a numbers game, so eventually someone is going to say, “Yes” to my opportunity.

Well, before you purchase a list of names, here are three things that I learned about cold calling from a recent post at Elite Marketing Pro, from Ferny Ceballos.

Cold Calling is a Skill
Just like anything, there are seasoned professionals who know how to prospect to people who aren’t necessarily interested in what they are selling.  Purchasing a list of names of people who are interested in network marketing and then picking up the phone to call them is not an easy thing to do.   Most people are just not going to take the time to learn this skill.

If you start talking to people in the grocery store line about your opportunity, you aren’t going to help the business of network marketing.

People will just be turned off to your opportunity.  Also, this method of trying to get new customers is just not a skill that you can pass down to your team.  The overwhelming percentage of people are NOT going to do this.  They will be afraid at first.   And, then it will be perceived as just annoying.

Cold Calling Hurts Friendships
When your goal is to get your business in front of as many people as possible, your goal in any conversation or interaction will always be, “how can I bring up my business?”   If you go to a party or a family gathering, meet a friend for coffee or dinner, your thoughts will always be about how you can find the opportunity to bring up your network marketing business.

These attempts at growing your business are not marketing, they are prospecting.  And, the average person, if you are lucky enough to recruit them into your business will fizzle out and not do these same type of business building methods.

Also, you don’t want to hurt friendships with friends and family because you were always thinking about your business and how you could recruit them into it.   You always have to live with your family.  You don’t want to be the person that people avoid because they don’t want to hear about your network marketing opportunity.

Cold Calling Gets you Blocked on Social Media
In the new age of social media,  some network marketers are using methods of instant messaging the friends their friends in an effort to expose their business.   When the message is sent, there is always a link to their opportunity.   Not only does think potentially hurt the friendship with the initial friend, you run the risk of getting in trouble with the social media powers that be.

You don’t want to have your account shut down.  Sending numerous messages to people that you don’t know on a daily basis can cause you problems.

Remember, the best way to grow your downline is by providing value so much that people are attracted to your business and your opportunity.  Cold calling is a skill but it is not an easily duplicatable skill.

Your friendships are more important than your business.   Market your business to people who are actually interested in what you are selling and your opportunity.

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