network marketing salesThree Reasons Network Marketing Sales May Be a  Scam

When you tell your friends or family that you joined a network marketing sales company, the response  is usually rolled eyes or the comment,

“Go get a real job.  Everyone knows those things don’t work.”

Yes. it’s true that there is a very small success rate of people who make a significant income.

But, in corporate America, it takes people more than ten years usually to get to a six figure income.  And, none of it is guaranteed.  Some of it is luck and having the right connections.

In major law firms,  young attorneys have to work crazy hours for more than eight years to hopefully become a partner.

And, once you are a partner, you have to continue to work 50+ hours a week to maintain the revenue.  In network marketing sales, once you reach the top levels, yes, you have to work to maintain it.  But, not 50 hours a week.   Most people work part time hours.  And, they do it from the comfort of their home.

So, if your friends told you that network marketing is a scam, here are three reasons that they may be right.

Low Sign up Cost with Promise of Big Economic Return
Everyone knows that you need to spend real money or take out a loan to start a real business.  You can’t just start a business for a few hundred dollars.It must be a scam.

Well if you check the average sign up fees for most network marketing sales companies, the cost to join and purchase products is usually less than $500.

Substantial Economic Return in Less than a Year
Anyone knows who starts a business that the first year, you aren’t going to make a substantial amount of money.  That’s just being unreasonable.The goals is to keep your losses low.  In many business start ups, the founders don’t even take a salary for the first year.

They put everything back into the business.In network marketing, there are many success stories where individuals have gone from $0 to making a six figure yearly income in six to twelve months.This is the only industry where this is possible.   It does not happen with most individuals but it does happen.

Getting Paid for the Work of Others
Every one knows in corporate America, you are compensated based upon the work that you produce.  Not the work of your teammates.    Now, if you are managing a group of people then you are paid for what the team produces.

But in those cases, only one person has the position of Manager.  In corporate America, the other individuals on your team are ultimately hoping to take your position.In network marketing sales, it must be a scam when you are paid for the work of others on your team .

And, those individuals can also rise to your same income level without it negatively affecting you.  In fact, it will positively affect you as your income will go up as well.

This is not the case in corporate America or any other business.  There are only a limited amount of management positions and you can’t alone achieve that position just because of the sales that you produce.

In network marketing sales, if you produce the required sales, then you will be promoted to that specific income level.

So, the next time someone tells you they joined a network marketing company, maybe do some honest investigation to find out what the scam is all about.

There is a saying in network marketing,  “Network marketing works if you do.”

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