Direct sales companyWhat are the Three Habits of a Direct Sales Company Leader?

Last week, I finished the book,  “It’s Your Move” by Josh Altman who is one of the stars of the Bravo TV show,  “Million Dollar Listing”.   This book provides guidelines for the requirements it takes for succeeding at work and at life.

The same principles mentioned can be used to grow your direct sales company business.   From the book, I learned the following:

  1.  Know your Gut
    This means that you need to trust that inner voice that tell you to do something.   It’s the voice that come up every now and then when you have to make a difficult decision. 

    This definitely applies when joining a direct sales company.   Other people will question what you are doing.   But, you are the one who is making the decisions in your life.   If the decision is not based. on emotion but research and knowing that this is something that you want to do and it makes sense, then you can go for it.

    Now it is not always smart to go with your gut.  If you are just going on pure emotion, then it’s not good to go with your gut.  But, if you are making the decision based upon your  and life experience then you can go ahead and proceed.

  2. Always Kick the Football the Same
    In the book, “It’s Your Move”  Josh Altman describes a position he had as a kicker on a football team.  To him, it may have seemed like a boring job instead of being out there in the game.  But, it was an important job.   So, it was his goal to always do it the same.   This goes for anything that you do.   If you are seeking to build a network marketing organization, then you do it consistently.

    To him, it may have seemed like a boring job instead of being out there in the game.   But, it was an important job.   So, it was his goal to always do the same.

    Nothing will happen overnight.  But, it you always do the same activities in the same manner, then you will see the growth that you desire.

    If you don’t do the same building activities over and over again, then you won’t see the growth in your organization that you desire.This applies to any job that you currently have.  Regardless of whether you think it is a menial job or a job where you have a good title.

  3. Embrace Rejection
    When you are seeking to make a change in your life or work towards a goal, you will encounter disappointment.   When you are seeking to build a direct sales organization,  getting rejected is part of the journey.If everyone says yes when you discuss your company, then you may not be telling them the real facts about the difficulty required to build a direct sales organization.

    So, the next time, someone makes fun of you for joining a company, just be polite and smile at them.  You can always tell them that they are entitled to their opinion.

    Don’t try to  convince them that they are wrong.  Just be polite.  It will keep the relationship open for the future.So, embrace rejection.  It’s part of life.

    If you aren’t getting rejected, then you aren’t taking risks.If you want to succeed at something different, then you will have to take risks and rejection will happen.

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