work from homeDo you want to be a successful work from home network marketer?   If you have joined a network marketing company, then your answer is an obvious yes.

But, as I’m sure you are aware, the failure rate is this industry is very high.  There is only a very small select number of individuals who make the quit your job and retire your spouse income.

Now, some of these people did approach their friends and family.  But, the majority will tell you that most family members are not going to join.

So, if you want to build a business then what are the steps that will get you there?

  1. Leave Your Friends and Family Alone
    There are plenty of network marketing companies that tell you to recruit your friends and family members as customers.   I think it’s okay if you tell them that you joined a network marketing company.

    And, you can tell them about the products.   I would then leave it there.  Don’t try to drag them to a meeting initially. Their relationship is too important and with family, for life.

    When you are having success and  your finances are improving and they notice, then you can share it with them.   When you have some results like zeros on a check.

    Your family members if they are looking for a change in their life have to come to their own conclusions.   You can’t force it on them.

  2. Don’t do a Present your Business Ambush
    When speaking to a potential prospect about your business, don’t ell them that you want to meet for coffee at Starbucks but not reveal the reason why.

    Always be upfront with people about your desire to build this business.
    If you want to talk to someone about the business, then tell them you want to meet them and the reasons for the meeting.

    Being transparent and honest is always the best way to go.   You want to use methods that other prospects can use to build their business.

  3. Put Business Cards on Windshields or Gas Pumps
    You want to use methods that people can use that will be successful.  The majority of these cards are thrown away.

    Or, the janitor for the establishment has to clean them up from the parking lot.When putting cards on peoples windshields, there is a risk that you are not following the law.

    If the establishment has a “No Soliciting” sign, then you are not allowed to be there putting ads on their windshields in the hopes that someone will decide to call you.In growing any network marketing company, you want to use methods that work to grow your business

    and sell more products.     Its about selling products and teaching others to do the same.

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    Thank you.