Untitled design-2There are millions of websites.  Some of these sites are actively trying to separate you from your money.  Why is it that some websites do a better job of selling their products?

Other websites are just virtual catalogues with pretty pictures.

Well the difference between websites that are good at selling online and those that aren’t is the words that they use.

Now, if they are a well known brand, then verbiage is not as important.  If however, they are a newcomer to their particular market, then the words they use to persuade you to buy are very important.

Good and great copywriters know that making a sale means that you appeal to the emotional side of a person.  When you accomplish this, then you will make your sale the majority of the time.

So what are the words that you need to use on your website?  Well, according to David Garfinkel,  here are the best words to use on your blog and in your emails:

  1. Free
  2. You and Your
  3. Announcing
  4. Introducing
  5. New
  6. Secret/Secrets
  7. How to
  8. Guarantee/Guaranteed
  9. Magic/Magical
  10. Easy

When you look at each of those words, you will start to realize that successful ads on TV or in writing use these words to sell online as well as offline.

There is a reason that top copywriters can draft a sales letter incorporating some of these words, release the letter and make in a few days or hours what people work 52 weeks for.

They use these words because they help to persuade people to buy.  They buy because they want to.  Not because someone forced them to buy.

Examine the magazine covers the next time you are standing at the check out stand at the grocery store, you will likely see these words on many of the magazine cover headlines.

Top marketers know that beneath every buying decision is an emotional appeal.  Learn what those triggers are for each group of consumers and you can turn your dreams into sales.

Buy learning how and where to place these important emotional words, you will attract the customers that you are looking for.   It is a process but it will work if you do.

You won’t have to beg people to purchase your products, you will automatically have customers.   Top marketers tell you that people don’t want to be sold, they want to make the decision to purchase a product on their own.

By learning to incorporate these words-not all at the same time-in your blog posts or any other written material, you will eventually see the results in the growth of your list and your downline.

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