198480_26029739Are you looking for the best pore minimizer?  As a lifelong adult acne sufferer, I was looking for a product that would remove the oily feeling and make my skin feel tighter.  I wasn’t introduced to Arbonne® products until in my late 30’s.  By then, I was willing to try any product that claimed it could keep the oily feeling on my skin from coming back.   When I first started using the products, I tried out different lines to see what would work best with my acne issues.   What ever Arbonne® solution could control the problem longterm, that is what I wanted to use.  My upline recommended that I try the Arbonne® line called the FC 5.

The product that I used was FC5 ®Deep Cleansing Mask.  This mask is made up of proprietary clay formula’s that gently work on the skin but also go deep into the pores to clean out the excess dirt.  The mask has a tingly feeling when it is on and the clay mask hardens to a white.  I usually leave it on for 20-30 minutes and then rinse it off and remove any of the excess with a towel.  Your skin feels soft like you just had a spa treatment but it didn’t cost you $100 for one treatment and you still have many more treatments of the clay mask left.   With this mask and with any of the other Arbonne® mask products that I have used, I use them only once a week.

You may ask what makes Arbonne clay masks any different from other products out there on the market.  There are definitely cheaper products on the market as well as ones that are more expensive but when using an Arbonne product, you know that what you are putting on your skin is really the best for your skin.  If a company has it’s motto, “Pure, Safe and Beneficial”®, then you know it’s good for your skin while also making your skin look great.

If you are suffering from adult acne, then I would definitely recommend that you try the FC5® Deep Cleansing Mask.

Until next time,


Marti Norris