1036003_90469427-1Arbonne® Tea Tree Shampoo is the best. My spouse has had issues with dandruff for as long as I’ve known him.  I introduced him to Arbonne® Intelligence Daily, Self Adjusting Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil after we got married.   He doesn’t really think much of network marketing but he thinks this Tea Tree Shampoo is the best at taming his dandruff issues.  If it’s not in the shower, he asks me if I have ordered more.   When we have run out of the Arbonne® Tea Tree Shampoo, we tried other tea tree shampoos but they just don’t feel the same on your hair.  Arbonne® Tea Tree Shampoo is the best.

The tea tree oil comes from the Australian tea tree, specifically from the leaves of the tea tree.   Individuals suffering from dandruff or  other scalp conditions have sometimes found relief from their condition by using a shampoo or scalp treatment that contains the oil from the tea tree.  With the Arbonne®Tea Tree Shampoo, you only have to use a very small amount in order to get a maximum cleaning effect for your hair.

Now,  I don’t even suffer from any scalp issues but I use the Arbonne® Tea Tree Shampoo because I know that what I”m putting on my hair not only cleans my scalp but the ingredients as  with all Arbonne® products are good for my hair and my skin.


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