pexels-photo-434645You have decided to build a network marketing business.   You know that making a list of the 100 people that you know is not something that you want to do.   And, its not something you want to ask other people to do.

So, how do you build a business? Well, the answer is you look online.

There is so much information online about methods that will work.   But, the purpose of this blog post is to make it easier for you.  So, where do you start?

In a training by top network marketers, John and Nadia Melton, they break it down into five simple steps.

Yes.  You have to consistently follow these steps.   But, if you do over time-not overnight-you will see the results that you are looking for.

And, ultimately you will show these results in your wallet.

So, what are the steps?

Prospect the Lead
You do this by posting on a fan page on FB and through your blog posts.   You can run a specific FB advertising campaign to attract people interested in network marketing to your fan page.

This social media platform allows you to specifically target people who are interested in the network marketing industry.   After all, you want to throw your pearls of wisdom before people who are interested in this industry.

Even online, we are not in the convincing business, we are in the sifting business.  Not people who don’t believe in the power of this industry.

You can occasionally post on your personal page.   But, having a FB fan page allows you an unlimited number of followers.   So, this is where you want to build your business.

Connect With the Lead
Once someone has liked your page because of a post or a picture, then connect with them through IM (Instant Messenger).  This is the first step towards connecting with your lead.

After all, they clicked or liked one of your posts because of something you said.  Many prospects will accept your friend request. It’s a matter of connecting with them.

When they connect with you.   Don’t in the first message start vomiting your business on them.   Ask them why they clicked on your post or picture?   Make a connection  and in time-usually a few messages-you can bring up the subject.

Invite Your Prospects
Once you have made the connection, then you can invite the prospect to watch an opportunity video.   This video needs to be something brief.   A video from your company is perfectly acceptable.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

You want the video to be well done.   Use the resources that your company has provided.   Keep it simple.

Follow Up and Close
You can then follow up with your prospect to see if they have a response.  If their response is no, then leave them alone.

You can be assured that when you are friendly and not pushy, they will continue to look at your page.

If they decide to join, follow up with them by phone and by social media.   Encourage and help them and they will succeed.

Because if they do well, then you will do well.

Plug Your New Social Marketer into Your System
Once they have signed up, recommend trainings to them that will help them succeed.    Remind them that there are plenty of leads of people who are interested in this business who are searching online.

And, one person may not be looking one year.   But, the next year their situation may have changed and they are now open to this business.

So, there are always prospects.   And even with the social media platform, there is a small minority of people who are really willing to do the hard work of building a business.

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