network marketing teamBuilding a network marketing business has one similarity with a brick and mortar business, the more you can duplicate yourself and your efforts, the more your business will grow.   If you want to be the builder and leader of a strong network marketing team,  You need to do the following three things:

  1. Begin With Yourself
  2. Commit Completely to the Opportunity
  3. Set the Tone (Culture of Your Team)BEGIN WITH YOURSELF
    In the book, “The Thank You Economy” by Gary Vaynerchuk, the author speaks about how to influence the culture of a company where you are seeking to change the attitude of expanding the business through social media.If you want influence others to build the business brand through social media platforms then you as a leader have to show them by example.   You can’t tell you team to do something that you yourself are not willing to do.   The book provides a guideline on how companies can build their brand online and offline in the new economy.  The same applies to building a network marketing business offline or online.  If you tell your followers or downline that you need to blog and post helpful information on social media about the industry, then you as a leader need to do the same.
    When you decide to join a network marketing company, commit completely that you are going to do whatever it takes to build the business.   This means that you will be a “product of the products”.   If you are in a skincare or health and wellness company, you will purchase as many of the products for personal consumption.   You will be a model for the products.Committing completely to the opportunity means that you will listen to training, attend events and do whatever it takes, legally, to build your business.

    There are some people who say they are completely committed but then don’t use the products or make excuses for the price of the products.   Or, they may tell their potential customers that they don’t need to use all of the products.   This is not being completely committed to the opportunity.

    This is a big mistake.  If you aren’t committed, then your team will follow your example, or in this case, lack thereof.  How can you expect your team is going to just build your business while you are not willing to do the hard work.   Your team won’t grow and you won’t have a business.

    So decide to commit and do the work.  Your team will see your actions and they will do the same.

    A good leader will set the mood of the team.  If the leader is saying how hard it is to recruit.   This is a negative tone that spreads throughout the team-if you even have one.   A good leader will show the right example by working hard and encouraging new people on the team to do the same.

    Yes, it benefits the leader when people join the team and produce.   But the individual hard work benefits each person more by helping them to slowly build their brand.

    A good leader will focus on producing a positive team culture.   This means that from the beginning a good leader will do the work necessary to show the growing team what is possible in this industry in order to build a good team.

    Setting the tone applies to any business regardless of whether you are trying to build la network marketing team.   And, a good leader will not give the team about the time necessary to build a downline in this business.   They will consistently model to show the team members what is possible in this business.   This helps the team members to not have any false hopes about what it takes to be successful in this business.

    Be consistent and show your team those habits.   You will eventually have the success that you desire.