network marketing teamWhen building a network marketing team, you need to take similar steps that you would offline to build your business through social media. In the book, “The Thank-You Economy”, Author and Speaker Gary Vaynerchuck describes the steps necessary for leaders to make if they want to see their business take off and grow in this ever changing economy.

Old school methods work to some degree, especially if you are a large company. But if you really want to see the growth and commitment of customers to your business, then you need to employ new methods where you continue to engage and control he conversation with the customers through social media about your company’s product and services. Employing these new methods will help you to build your business and your brand on social media.

Investing in your team means that you take the time to help those in your “downline” to show them the methods necessary for them to be successful as well. This means that you provide them the skills and resources needed to help them. Yes, it’s important that you focus on your business. But, if you don’t take care of your team, they can easily become discouraged and decide that building a network marketing business is not for them.
You want to support and invest in your team but you want to avoid hand holding. Teach them how they can do this as well. When you invest and assist them, they will be motivated to do this as well. Now, everyone is not necessarily going to respond positively. But, done in the right fashion, enough people will understand your message and you will see them do the work necessary to grow the team. Growing the team, will benefit their own downline as well.

Trust your people to engage customers regarding your products and services. Some companies want to control every aspect of the conversation. If you wait for every statement to be approved by you, then the conversation will end quickly. Trust that the people joining your team want to grow their own business as well as yours. If they are serious, they will learn to be smart communicators. And, most importantly, they will respond and engage the customers in a prompt fashion concerning the company brand.

When it pertains to a network marketing business, trust that your people are smart enough to answer the customers questions and respond to discussions online that concern the network marketing company. Response time is important and if they wait until they can ask you the right response, they will miss the time window to speak with a customer who is interested in your company. Vaynerchuck says, “We are a capitalist country but many companies seek to control the entire dialogue and act like communists who want to control everything.”

This step is self explanatory. Just, be yourself. When discussing your company, be yourself. Potential customers can spot a phony. Just honestly answer peoples questions concerning your company. Be authentic with your team, If you aren’t truthful, then you won’t see the growth in your team that you desire.

Authenticity breeds trust and is the right way to start and build your chose network marketing company. Being authentic will also build your own personal online brand.

Perhaps you are saying, if people see the real me, they may not want to join your business. Well, if you have some things that want to work on, then work on those things. But, don’t hold up on seeking to grow your brand just because you think that people may not like everything about you. Focus on the parts that you do well and people will see that you are real and they will want to join your business.


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