mLp6M2oI am like most people and struggle with giving up sugar completely.  I will stay on the wagon for a few days and then really fall off.  After the trick or treaters were done on Friday, I wouldn’t want to admit how much candy that I ate from the leftovers on Friday night.  The next morning after eating too many pieces again, I took all of it, put it in a bag and then in the trash in our garage.  That is the only way for me to stay away from it.

Sugar is like a drug and most people need their afternoon pick me up.  My spouse gets headaches when he doesn’t have it and for this reason, he has greatly weened himself off of soda because of the sugar.  If you want to give up sugar but can’t go cold turkey, then you may want to think about just having a substitute around which still has sugar but in much smaller quantities.  I would recommend Arbonne® Essentials Fit Chews Chocolate.

The Arbonne® Essentials Fit Chews Chocolate are a great way to start giving up sugar, but not giving up energy.   Now, you can’t eat a whole bag:)  But, having one for your afternoon pick me up is a great way to start the process of drawing yourself away from the sugar.   I can attest that I have tried both the chocolate and the caramel and both of them tasted great and at the same time, they are good for you.  You don’t have to fall off the giving up sugar wagon every afternoon when temptation come with the Arbonne® Essential Fit Chews in either chocolate or caramel.

So, with the holidays now upon us, you can make it through the next couple of weeks of staying on the giving up sugar wagon and then treat yourself when Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive.  Now, that doesn’t mean that you can go and eat threw pieces of pie but you can have at least one.

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