There are a wide variety of cosmetics available.   You can purchase them at the dime/dollar store or you can spend a lot more purchasing them at the department store or at the spa.

What are the Reasons to Spend More on Cosmetics?

This post will explain why spending more on your skin is worth it in the long run…..

  1. Cheaper Cosmetics Have Harmful Ingredients
    Cosmetics purchased at the local big box store are inexpensive.   You can purchase cosmetics for as little as a dollar.  But,  all cosmetics are not created equal.Products purchased at the drug store and department store have some similar ingredients.  The products at drug stores and department stores sit on the shelves for some time.  The products can sit on the shelves for some time and still be effective when they are purchased

    Ingredients Matter

    If you look at the actual ingredients, you will see that there are chemical compounds that are used  in rubber production.   There are also other products that national health organizations have stated are harmful to the body.
  2. Your Skin is your Largest Organ
    Health conscious consumers think about what they put in their mouth.   But, they often don’t consider what they put on their skin.
    Your skin is your largest organ, so every creme, powder and lipstick that you use is absorbed into your bloodstream.Your bloodstream flows to your organs. It makes sense to think about what you are putting into your largest organ.

    If you are using personal care products that have harmful chemicals-even in tiny amounts-then it will eventually be harmful to your body.

    It makes sense to use products that have safe ingredients.  Every cosmetic product is going to have similar ingredients that are used for their preservative qualities.   Safe cosmetics are going to have ingredients that are good for the skin.   And, you will be beautiful and your skin will look great.

  3. You Don’t Have to Pay Full Price
    If you are like most consumers, you don’t have unlimited funds to spend on personal care products.   You may say, I purchase cosmetics at the local drug store because they are cheap.   Why should I pay $10-15 for a lipstick because the ingredients are supposedly better.But, if you really want to use cosmetics that are safe and don’t contain harmful chemicals and compounds, then you will need to pay a little more.  If you are creative then you will learn that you don’t have to pay retail price for these cosmetics.So, not only are you using safe cosmetics, you aren’t doing it at full price.

    Also, if you are serious about what you put on your skin, you can find other areas of your finances where you can make adjustments so that you can use safe cosmetics on your skin.

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