girl-people-landscape-sun-38554How to Choose the Best Small Business Ideas for Women.

This post will address that.  The recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor state that women comprise more than 47% of the workforce.    Of the 47% that comprise the workforce, many of these women are mothers.

The majority of these mothers work because they need to contribute to the family income.  In some cases, the family could live on the salary of the father, but it would mean a lower standard of living for the family.

Many women, some highly educated, doctors, lawyers and engineers have  learned that although they now have it all, they often don’t have balance because they feel pulled to do the best at their job.  But, also have guilt for the times that they are not their with their children.

Others are single Moms who are the sole breadwinner for their family.   In other cases, the mom earns more than the dad so their income is needed.   Many of these women are looking for options to give them an income but also provide them with flexibility to be there for the children.

There are also women who are stay at home moms who have made the decision to sacrifice and be there for the children.  But, they would like to contribute financially to lighten the load on their spouse.  This post will address those options and what the best small business ideas for women are.

This is a small business option.  But, in order to open a franchise business, you need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase the rights to open a specific franchise.

Then, you have the added expenses of rent, insurance, employees, equipment.  After that, you have to make sure that you have a steady stream of customers coming to your door.   You are in control of when you go to work.

But, you have work long hours and manage employees for not a lot of money initially.   This is possible but not really a small business idea for women.

And, if you are women who earns a six figure salary, this is not really an option as you are not going to for go the income, go into debt and work for less money.

In this position, you can work from home.  The startup costs are small.   But, your employer controls your hours.  This is also not a position, where you can earn a significant amount of income.

It is based on how much you physically produce with your hands.  It is not based on the work of any others.

Or with time, that your income can continue to rise and give your family a comfortable standard of living.  So, for many women this is not an option.

Independent Consultant
In this position, you choose a company where you have the ability to individually market their products and services to the public.   This can be anything from Amway, Avon, Arbonne, Nu Skin.

An independent consultant is also known as a network marketer.   For many this industry often elicits a specific response.  But, this is the one industry where the initial investment is small-less than $500.

In the last ten years, this industry has seen an influx of highly educated individuals-usually women-who want more flexibility in their schedules.  They realize that you can’t be a good mom and be working 60 hours a week away from home.

And, this is the one industry where you have the potential to realize a life changing income and a shorter period of time than most other industries.

So, find an industry where you think you have the most to gain and give.

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