GOUNELLEWhen calling a prospect for the first time, you don’t just say something random about your product.   This will end up in the customer not being interested in your product.   They may have already shown an interest.   But, you need to follow a process of six things in a specific order:

When you first call them, greet them and tell them who you are.   If they have reached out to you prior, remind them that they requested a contact.

This helps to jog their memory so they can make the connection with you as a person.

Tell the prospect what prompted you to reach out to them.   The prospect needs to know exactly why you are calling them.   There are likely other people calling them trying to sell a product or service.   So, make it clear why you are calling them and the product or service that you have to offer.

The easier that you make the process, the more likely you will get the sale.   Even if you don’t get the sale, you will still lay a good foundation for a possible sale in the future.

Untitled design-2MAKE THE CONNECTION
When a customer is looking to for help with a problem, you have to show them your previous experience in helping people with that specific problem.   When making a first live contact, they need to know that you have experience helping with that problem.

A prospect needs to know that you are the person to fix this issue.  You are the best person to help them solve their problem.

Since I am a network marketer, I have to show my prospects that I can help them with their issues of creating a side income.  My network marketing company is in health and wellness.   If they have energy and health issues, I have the product to help fix those problems.

Ask the prospect specifically the reason for contacting you.   Tell them to explain to you the reason that they contacted you at the outset.  In all of these steps, you need to be the one asking the prospect the questions.   The more the prospect is doing the talking, they will realize that you are someone who genuinely cares about helping them with their specific  issue.

If they are doing the questioning, then it will put you on the defensive.   Once you have explained your product or service to them, there will be questions.   But, you need to be the one asking the questions.

This means that you ask them how can you help them.   Tell them that you have a specific product or service that will solve their problem.   Always make sure that you aren’t promising any quick fixes.  There really isn’t a product or service that will solve your product overnight.   You want to keep their expectations reasonable.

Make this brief and then stop talking.   You want them to do more of the talking.   You can go ahead and ask for the sale.  You don’t need to be shy about asking for it.  Make it brief and then see what the response is.


When the prospect has decided to purchase your service or product, remind them of what they just purchased.   Tell them that you will be there to answer any questions.   At this time, it would be okay to send them some company information on the specific product that they are purchasing.  This is when you can give out your personal link to the company website.

You always want to give the information.   But, make it easy for them to understand. 

As with any product or service, nothing will happen overnight.  If they have a specific health or skin issue, remind them that using your product over time will help to alleviate that issue.  But, don’t make promises that you can’t keep or back up.  Keep expectations reasonable.

So, follow these steps in this order.  Keep it simple and to the point,  you will eventually see the results that you desire.

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