Every day when I look at my social media pages, there are advertisements for network marketing companies.

The representative posting has been told by their company that people just need their product.

So, posting these pictures will get people to buy these products that will change their life?

Well, maybe the product is good and does what the research says.   But, if the prospect is not looking for that type of product then they will not click on the “Buy Now” tab.

So, if you want your business to grow, then what are the steps to follow so that you can see the growth?  I learned these important tips in a training from Ray Higdon, a top network marketing expert.

Don’t Say the Company Name on Social Media
You want the prospect to learn about the company from you after they have talked to you.  If they know the name of your company, then they can go online and look up the company name.

The will inevitably find the negative reviews that former customers write about the company.   There will be some truth in the reviews.   But, you want the potential customer to learn about the company from you, not an anonymous online reviewer.

If you want to post about the company.   Make curiosity posts.   This could be pictures of the products with the name covered up.   People will inquire because it is different than what the average network marketer is doing on social media.

In the words of.top network marketing expert, Ray Higdon, you want to “raise more curiosity than resistance.”

Give  Customers a Higher Percentage of What They are Looking for, Not Being Sold
People want to buy, but they don’t want to be sold.   They don’t want to feel like you convinced them to buy something that they were not already looking for.

This is why the ads that have the guy in the crazy suit saying to “buy my product” don’t usually work.

Yes, you are getting the customers attention.   But, they weren’t looking for your product in the first place.

In my own buying decisions, I know of one specific time where the business provided so much value, that we just bought the product.   In the last six years, we have returned to that same company three times to purchase more of that product, specifically a mattress.

The company sales person delivered so much value in educating us on the makeup of the mattress, that we were informed as to the quality of their product.  And, when we need another mattress, we only go to this company.

Focus on Who do You Want to Attract and Provide Value for Your Business
Find the target market that you want for your business.   Telling all your friends about the products in your company is not going to build the business that you want.

Your friends and family are not interested in network marketing.   They may actually really need what you are selling.   But, if they aren’t looking for it, then they aren’t your market.    They have to be ready for a change.

You can’t waste your time trying to convince them of the need for your product.

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