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As a partner in a small family business during the day, I understand that having a small business means the business owns you. I am working to help educate other network marketers and also those looking at the network marketing industry. I also want to educate others on the ingredients in their skin care and makeup.

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No longer will you have chase after friends and family with your business opportunity. In my Marketing Blog you will learn the art of Attraction Marketing.

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How to Save Network Marketing & Your Relationships, While Rapidly Growing Your Team

How to Save Network Marketing & Your Relationships, While Rapidly Growing Your Team This post is written by a friend and mentor, Ferny Ceballos, at Elite Marketing Pro. Ferny explains the best way to really grow your network marketing business using the power of social media and the internet. A murder mystery has been solved! The Internet did it! With the Facebook dagger, the Internet over the past 10 years has slowly been pressing it’s sharp social blade into the…

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Want to Maintain Customer Retention in Your Network Marketing Business?

Want to maintain customer retention in your network marketing business?  Yes, this is the goal of every network marketer.  You want to have people joining your business to build their own business. But, you don’t have a business without customers who want to purchase the products on a monthly basis.  So, how do you retain customers and find leaders at the same time? Well, the hallmark of any successful business is solid customer retention.  They don’t want to go anywhere…

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How to Ace your Network Marketing Group Presentations.

Perhaps you are wondering,  why is she talking about group presentations?   This blog is supposed to be about growing your network marketing business online. Well, you can grow your business using both methods.   Many individuals who have been successful in network marketing have done it the old fashioned way through group presentations. Even if you meet a prospect online and they express an interest, you still have to connect with them. So, you can use this method with…

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Julie Burke’s 10 Tips to Maximize your Facebook Live Audience Engagement.

Here is a great guide to help you build on social Media from Julie Burke.   Julie Burke is one of my mentors at Elite Marketing Pro that is helping me build my business online through social media. Whether you’re a major media company or a “solopreneur,” Facebook Live is the hottest live-steaming platform available today. It’s the single most effective method of growing your audience and exploding engagement on your Facebook page. And it’s also how the primary way…

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Do You Need Sales Tips for Your Network Marketing Business?

Are you trying to grow a network marketing business?   Do you wish there was a way that you could communicate with potential prospects to see if they were a fit for your business? Well, if you want to be successful with selling with prospects.  Then, you need to find out what is their motivation for buying.  Once you know their reason for buying or if they are even interested in what you are selling, then you know how to…

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Marketing Strategies to Avoid for Your Network Marketing Business

You decided to join a network marketing company but you want to keep your friends and family.  You’ve looked online and thought that there must be a way to grow your network marketing business.  Well, if you are like most people, money is not in abundance.  This is one of the reasons you joined a network marketing company. In the Mike Dillard book, “Building a Business on a Budget“, I learned the following: If you really want to grow your…

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Want to Stop Struggling With Lead Generation for Your Direct Sales Business?

If you talk to any network marketer and ask them what is their number one issue with their network marketing business? The answer you will likely hear is leads.  Well, if you want to stop this struggle, then lead with the following on line or offline when discussing your network marketing opportunity. Brian Fuhrey,  a top marketer states, “if you want to reach prospects with your product or opportunity,  then approach them with the following: What Problems are Foremost in…

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Online MLM-What is the Most Important Key to Success?

Check out this great post by Eldon Beard, “Online MLM-What is the Most Important Key to Success?” This post has great content on why many networkers fail to reach the level of success that they desire with their network marketing online business. The number one reason is that individuals fail to reach out and make a personal contact with their prospect when they provide their phone number and want more information about the opportunity. Maybe its because we as marketers…

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Want to Find More Customers to Join Your Network Marketing Business

The number one struggle for most network marketers is having a sufficient amount of leads to discuss their network marketing business. Most individuals who join a direct sales business are told to make the dreaded list.  Then you have to call everyone up on the list and your family is wondering what happened that you joined one of those “pyramid schemes”. So, if you prospect your family and friends and they say, “No”.  Then you need to leave the rest…

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Are you Looking for Skin Care Tips?

If you are like most women, you are always looking for ways to improve the quality and appearance of your skin.   And, you aren’t looking for a system that requires multiple steps.   Most people aren’t that patient in their skin care routine. And, this is because most of us are busy and would rather spend our time doing something else Here are three skin care tips that have helped me to not look my age of 47.  I…

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