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As a partner in a small family business during the day, I understand that having a small business means the business owns you. I am working to help educate other network marketers and also those looking at the network marketing industry. I also want to educate others on the ingredients in their skin care and makeup.

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No longer will you have chase after friends and family with your business opportunity. In my Marketing Blog you will learn the art of Attraction Marketing.

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Easy Autoresponder Tricks that will Help you Attract Leads

This post will describe “tricks” that you can use when writing your autoresponders that will help you draw more online leads. First of all, I need to give credit to David Garfinkel.  I learned this term,  “Stupid Autoresponder Tricks” after listening to one of his trainings at “Elite Marketing Pro” where i am a member. If you have never written an autoresponder, then you need to follow these recommendations.   Just do something.  With more practice, you will notice that…

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The 5 Psychological Elements Your Facebooks Posts or ads MUST Contain to Passively Attract Prospects, Customers, & Recruits.

The 5 Psychological Elements Your Facebook Posts or Ads MUST Contain to Passively Attract Prospects, Customers, & Recruits Written by FERNY CEBALLOS | Filed under ATTRACTION MARKETING Today, we have a guest blogger, Ferny Ceballos.   Ferny is a mentor of mine and his training and teaching is helping me to grow my business.  Want to write effective Facebook ads? …the kind that demand attention, encourage your audience to take action, and warm cold prospects into ready-to-buy customers? Well, you’re…

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The Required Ingredients for Your Home Based Business Blog

If you have listened to any of the top internet marketing business builders, they will all stress one thing.  In order to develop your list of followers online. You must have a blog.  It’s fine to develop a following on the well known sites for social media.  But, what happens if the powers that be change the rules for the advertising or promoting of your home based business company? Yes, your network and income stream will dry up over night.…

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Want to Become a Network Marketing Pro?

When you sign up for a network marketing company,  the goal for most people is to make additional income. After a few short months, people find out what is really required.  Network marketing is hard because it is difficult to see the job with a long term vision. Most people want to go to a job and get paid within a reasonable time for their work.  A person who wants to become a network marketing pro realizes that this only…

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Three Reasons why Network Marketing has a Negative Reputation

“How much money have you made in your network marketing business?”  “Can you show me your check.”  “Only a very small percentage of people make any money in network marketing.”  “The only people who make money are the ones who joined early on in the company.” These are some of the common comments that one hears when discussing the issue of network marketing with a potential customer or distributor.  The purpose of this post is to address those issues Network…

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Wondering How to Prospect on FB for your Business?

Are you running out of leads for your network marketing business?   You have heard that people can develop lead sources on social media.   Well, how then do you do it? Should you post pictures of your company showcasing the products.   Well, the answer to that is no   People don’t want to be sold.  They want to make the decision on their own to purchase your product or join your opportunity.  So, how do you build a business…

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How to Have a Consistent Stream of Leads for Your Network Marketing Business

In order to have a growing network marketing business, you need to have a consistent stream of leads.  This is the only way that you will sustained growth.   Now once you have reached the top levels, then everyone in your team is building your downline. But, even that takes years to build.   If you don’t have a reliable stream of leads from which to be prospecting then your business will die.  I remember specifically on the day that…

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Want to Improve Your Network Marketing Interpersonal Skills on the Telephone?

If you want to build and grow a network marketing business, then you need to develop your phone skills.  Yes, you can build this business online.  But, you eventually have to pick up the phone to respond to people who have contacted you about your business.   So, how do you develop your phone skills so that they become natural and not rigid? Smile When talking to a future prospect about your network marketing business.  Make sure to smile.  If…

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Want to Stand Out from Other Direct Sales Representatives?

There are numerous direct selling representatives on social media and the internet.  Many of them are posting pictures of products and stating how great the product is and the results that you will achieve when you use this product.  That may well be true. But, if the person looking at those posts isn’t interested in your product, they will be turned off by how everything appears like all they want to do is sell you something. Many direct selling representatives…

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Are You Killing Your Conversions with This Fatal Marketing Mistake?

Are You Killing Your Conversions with This Fatal Marketing Mistake? Written by ANDREW T DRAUGHON | Filed under TRAFFIC Today, we have a guest blog post written by Andrew Draughon at Elite Marketing Pro.   Andrew provides awesome content on how to improve and focus the marketing efforts of your business. Apple was in shambles during the mid-’90s. They were churning products out like crazy and nobody was buying them. Remember the Macintosh Quadra, Centris, and Performa? Yeah, neither does…

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