online businessWish you Knew how to Recruit for your Online Business?

For anyone seeking to grow a network marketing business, this is one of the biggest obstacles.

Even if you are seeking to grow your business offline, you will eventually want to go online because that is where you will find a steady stream of leads.

You will be able to find people who are actually interested in network marketing.

If you want to grow an online business, you don’t want to constantly put sales pieces up about your products (skin care, nutritional supplements).  Well, then how do you build your business and still keep your friends?

Stop Posting Pictures of Your Company
Everyday I see pictures posted of products from people wanting to grow their online business.   They may actually be nice pictures but that doesn’t mean you need to post them everyday wanting people to check out your products.

Also, if people don’t have a need for your product, then they are going to just be turned off by repeated sales attempts.   Pictures don’t provide information.  People need information in order to get them to change their mind.

Provide How To’s
This is one of the most important things.  If you want people to join your network marketing company, they need to be provided information.  First give them clear steps on how they would build a business.  An answer like, “Just tell everyone you know about the products will not work for most people.”

This is why the drop out statistics are so high.  Most people are going to quit when things become difficult.   The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for them to see that they can reach their goals in this business.

The how to’s should be step by steps on what you need to do to set up an online presence where you promote yourself and eventually your business.    The easier you make it for people, the more they are inclined to want to do the work.  Now, remind them that it is work.  But, if you do the work and consistently over a long period of time, the results and the income will come.

Raise Curiosity
Any marketing expert will tell you that you don’t win people over by repeatedly throwing information about products in their face.  Most people are going to be turned off and unfriend you or just delete your emails.

Since I am seeking to grow a network marketing business, the goal is to provide people with information about how this is a legitimate business. If they are actually looking for something, then they will be interested.

Your goal is to plant a seed.  A tree doesn’t  grow overnight.Top network marketers will tell you that some of their best teammates initially were completely annoyed at them for discussing this business.  The same could be online when you post information about the industry.

But, you are planting seeds.  There may come a day when peoples situation in life has changed and they are open to thinking about the industry.

Don’t shove your company in people’s face.  They will be turned off.  And, even worse, you won’t have the chance for them to even be interested in purchasing your products.

If you want to grow your business online and help others to grow theirs, the best way is always to encourage and educate.

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