keyword toolWhen building on online presence to promote your network marketing opportunity, your goal is to have a steady stream of leads.

As there are many individuals online seeking to do the same thing, how do you determine that people come to your site?

You find out what they are searching for online.   There are free resources out there.   But, it’s best to purchase a program that is cutting edge and can help you find the best keywords.   Free is good but is not always best.

The more you progress in your business, you will learn that you need to spend money to gain training.  Training sharpens your skills.   All the top earners will explain to you the value in spending money on training.

A few years back, I purchased Market Samurai at the recommendation of another online marketer.  The investment has been well worth it.  Here are five reasons why Market Samurai is in my opinion the best keyword tool,

The software cost less than $300 when I purchased it a few years ago.   If $300 is a stretch for you, then save up until you can afford to pay for it.  It is well worth it.  There are plenty of things that you will spend money on in an effort to build your business but this one you will own and receive repeated value from.  The investment is a small price for a great product.

If you are unwilling to spend a few hundred dollars on this type of software for your business, then you probably aren’t serious about building your business online.

Software Updates
The company provides regular software updates.  These are included and not extra.  My copy is more than three years old and the software works great and is not outdated.   The software upgrades come directly to you when you log in to your software.

Some software products that we use in our brick and mortar business change within a couple of years.  This is not the case with the Market Samurai product.

Market Samurai provides extensive training on how to use their product.  They provide easy to understand videos that are in depth and user friendly.  There is so much training that I haven’t even been able to get through all of it in the years that I have owned this product.

The training gives step by step guidelines on how to use the keyword tool product.   The training makes it easy to use the product so that you can become comfortable using the software.

The Market Samurai product provides a tremendous amount of information on how to use the keyword tool.  Each time you go back, you can learn something that will help you in your business and assist you with your keyword research.

The customer service for any issues that you may experience is very prompt.   They respond with an email in less than 24 hours. This company is based out of Australia.   So, if I send a request at night in the US, I usually have a response when I get up the next day.

The value that is provided will help you with a competitive edge with other online marketers who have not invested in this tool.   The knowledge that you receive will give you the tools that you need to build your business.

If you found value, please make sure to comment below.

Thank you.


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