Untitled design-5Have you ever been asked by a friend to come to a hotel meeting?  Has a girlfriend invited you over to her home for a party or mothers night out?   Well, if you answered yes, then someone has prospected you for their network marketing business.

If you listen to the stories  of people who are successful in this business, they will tell you similar stories.   They will say that they never in a million years pictured themselves doing something like this.   But, the opportunity was presented to them and they looked at it and decided to do it and be successful.

What are the reasons that people decide to build a network marketing business?

If you ask the average person any where in the world if they could use more money, the answer more than 95% percent of the time would be that they need more money.   Even if you are a college grad, you can start out with a decent wage but the cost of living for areas where you can earn a good wage are expensive.   You may be able to pay your living expenses but there is little left over at the end of the month.

If you get married, purchase a home in a good neighborhood, it’s very difficult to keep a good standard of living unless both people are working in order to pay the bills.   If one spouse gives up their income, it is difficult to stay in a good area in order to raise a family.

It is for this reason that people, often highly educated look at network marketing as a viable option.   It is one of the few business’ that can be started for often less than $500 but can build a sizable income stream.   Educated professionals don’t just join on hype.   They join after researching and seeing that this is a viable business option where they can develop a second income stream.

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There are other situations where both partners make a significant income.   But, in order to earn that income, they are working more than 60 hours a week.   They provide a comfortable living for their family but they have very little time with their family.

So, they have money but no time to really enjoy what that money brings them.   This is usually the case with high earning individuals such as doctors and successful professionals.

Their high powered career comes with a price.   They have funds but can’t take time off to enjoy what that money allows them.

Most people don’t get to decide when they work or if they stay home.  If they don’t go to work, they don’t get paid.   This is for people who are in a low income status and people earning a much higher salary.   Also, some people, even famous people, have a staff whose jobs are dependent on their boss succeeding   If that person is gone, so are their jobs.

For many people, the ability to make their own decisions about working is something that they really desire.   Self employed individuals can do this to an extent but in their case, the customers are ultimately their boss.   The customer determines when they go to work.  And, if you don’t have customers, the bills don’t get paid.

It is these three reasons that ultimately are the deciding factors for people who join a direct sales business.   These reasons become their why and propels them to success.

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