The way that you build a network marketing business is by providing value along with a service that people want.   When you do this, people will begin to know like and trust you and will want to follow you.

If you have been alive for a certain number of years, you have heard of the network marketing concept.   Most people generally already have an opinion of this industry.  It may be based completely upon a lack of knowledge of the industry and not doing real research to see that this is a viable business option.


What are the Keys to Being a Trustworthy Network Marketer?

After doing your research, you have decided you want to build a business.   In order to raise the standard of this industry,  you need to commit to several practices.   By consistently following this, you will build a business and more importantly, you will build trust.

Ray Higdon, Network Marketing Trainer and Speaker taught me the following five things in an online training about being a trustworthy network marketer:

1.  Represent your Company and Yourself with Honesty and Integrity.  If you are not being honest in your dealings with your prospects, they will sense that and will not be drawn to you.

Don’t make any claims about your company or your product.   If your company finds out about it, they will likely you drop you as a distributor.   And, if you are lying to people, you will not be able to build a business that will last the long term.

2. Focus on the Needs of the Prospect.
If you focus on how this business would benefit their specific situation, they will be drawn to you.   People want to join an opportunity where their needs are focused on.   Don’t make it about yourself.   The prospect will realize that you are someone who actually cares about their success.   In turn, they will want to join this business to experience the success that you have.

3. Always be Realistic with your Projections about the Income Potential.
Yes, the potential is there but very few people realize that.  The income potential is based upon those of the company, reported sales and profits and the average reported earnings.

You can always tell the prospect that the income earning potential is there.   But, they have to be willing to work very hard.   This will come about by your individual work which some in your group will follow.

You may have heard it said, “Twenty percent of the people produce eighty percent of the income.

Let the prospect know that their potential to earn the “big money” in this company is based upon their hard work, setting and achieving goals and being able to withstand the inevitable highs and lows that come with this business.

5.  Share Information, not Advice
Remember, this business is about sharing information and finding the people who want to do this business either online or offline.   Even when people reach out to you on social media platforms, start the conversation by asking how you can help.

Don’t start telling them everything about your products.   Share with them helpful information.  You will see that people will naturally want to join you or purchase products from you.

By building your belief in this industry and doing the necessary work, your prospect and business builders will eventually come.

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