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Having recruited 80% of my team of 8,300 distributors using Facebook, I get a TON of questions about how to use social media to find hot prospects and build a network marketing business.

Recently, a fan reached out and asked:

When using Facebook, do you ever assign your friends to different “groups” within your friends list—like a list for “weight loss,” a list for “prospects,” a list for “customers”—or do you just keep your friends list complete? 


Is creating separate lists a better way to target potential prospects?

So, in the video below, I’m going to walk you through how I’ve been targeting my prospects and growing my network marketing business on Facebook…

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Okay, so do I create separate friend lists on Facebook?

No, I don’t.

I keep them all together.

Now, I do know some people who separate their lists.

So for those of you in a network marketing company, with multiple solutions, you can do that if you want.

However, I don’t.

And here’s why…

I don’t make a “weight loss” friends list, for instance, because…

Who am I to say who wants to lose weight, or not?


  • I don’t do an “energy” list,
  • I don’t do a “healthy aging” list,
  • I don’t do a “wealth creation” list, and
  • I don’t do a “fitness” list.

And these are ALL things my company has solutions for.

But if I were to segregate those people out—out of thousands of friends—how do I determine who wants weight loss, or energy?

I mean, I feel like everyone wants more energy, right? ;)

Who’s to say who wants healthy aging solutions?

I know people who are 30 looking to age healthily.

It’s not just Baby Boomers.

And, super importantly…

Who am I to say who my potential business builders might be?

So, again, my answer is, “no.”

I don’t create separate lists.

And on top of that, and this is probably the most important reason…

If someone sees one of my posts, and they like or comment on it…

They may or may not be ready to take action in that moment.

However, their friends are also going to see my post in their News Feeds, because of that interaction.

Now those people are going to see a little bit of what I’m up to.

And surprise, surprise…

I have recruited and enrolled SO many people who didn’t know me…

…but saw my post because of their friend’s activity.

Neat, right?

So that right there is the primary reason why I don’t separate my friend lists.

So you have to think carefully if you want to spend the time and energy to separate your friends…

And determine if that’s actually necessary (or beneficial) for you and your business.

I can’t answer that question…

You have to do what’s right for YOU!

But always keep in mind that you don’t want to limit who sees your message.

And if you separate your friend lists, and you only deliver your message to certain lists, then you are limiting who you reach.

Also, and I know this might be a concern…

If people don’t want to see your post, well, they can move right along.

No biggie.

Sometimes in my posts I’ll call out certain people. 

I’ll say…

“This is for those who are looking for weight loss only.” 

I like to do that, because it may pique people’s interest, and they will know it is specifically for them.

So there you have it!

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Cheers to your success!

Julie Burke

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Julie Burke

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