face cream for menIs it worth it to spend money on face creams for men?  If you are like most men, your skin care regimen consists of using a body wash on your face and body when showering.   Why should you spend money and add an extra step to your busy life?

Well,  the truth is there is a difference between the skin of men and women.   Men’s skin is thicker than women.  So, the manner in which their skin show it’s age will be different from that of a women.   Also, men have greater collagen levels in their skin than women.  Women’s skin as it ages is actually thinner than mens. With these differences in the skin, there needs to be a different approach to the products used in caring for their skin.

Well, with these differences.  Is there a product on the market that addresses these differences?  And what are the ingredients in a good face cream for men?   A good face cream for men will have the following ingredients:  vitamin C,  algae extract and malachite extract.

So, what do these ingredients in a face cream for men?  Vitamin C   helps to support collagen and the moisturization of the skin.  Also, Vitamin C helps to restore the overall youthful appearance of a man.

Some men will say that this  isn’t important to them.  The changing nature of their skin is just a part of getting older.   Well, if you can use a face cream that will improve the overall appearance of your skin, then why not try this type of of a face cream.

Another good ingredient is an algae extract.  Algae extract assists in supporting the collagen in mens skin.   An additional ingredient that is specially for men’s skin is malachite extract.  This mineral helps to protect from the dryness that comes from exposure to the environment.

Yes.  Men have different skin so they need a different skin care routine.   If you ask any many out there.  They would prefer to not look they are 55 when they are only 45.  If they want to age gracefully, then it is worth it to not only take care of this inside but also their skin with products that are geared towards their specific needs.

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face cream for men