pexels-photo-357743If you have listened to any of the top internet marketing business builders, they will all stress one thing.  In order to develop your list of followers online.

You must have a blog.  It’s fine to develop a following on the well known sites for social media.  But, what happens if the powers that be change the rules for the advertising or promoting of your home based business company?

Yes, your network and income stream will dry up over night.  By blogging on your own site and providing your followers with knowledge, you own the content and the website.  You can’t be shut down because you own the content.

When writing articles on your blog, you need to do the following:

Have  a Relevant Headline.
Your headline should relate to your business.  If you are educating about the value of home based business then your headline should reflect that.  You need to have a picture but it should only be of you, not of other members of your family.  People who click on your website are interested in you, not your dog or other members of your family.

It is really just fine to have your website with your first and last name.  The website is about you and how you want to help people build their business, whatever that may be.

Your Blog Menu Should Relate to Your Topic and be Laid Out Well for Easy Access.
If your blog looks like it was constructed by a child then your potential customers will think the same and will not be interested in what you are seeking to educate them on.

When writing blog posts, you need to first come up with the content and then create a title.   You want to use the tool from the Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer.   By using this free tool, you increase the chances that your headline will be read and that ultimately a small percentage will click on your blog post.  A good title will have at least a 30% headline value.   This is the minimum that you want to search for.

After choosing your keywords that you know people are searching for, then you can write on a topic.

Have an Opt-in Box.
When people come to your website and after reading your articles and they decide they would like to receive more information from you, then you need to have an opt-in box for them to provide you with their contact information.  This should be in an easy format.  Remember, you have less than a minute to convince any new prospect that your site is worth subscribing to.  So, make it easy on them.

Remember these three steps when writing your blog articles and constructing your blog.  Your prospects will then like navigating your site and will want to hear more from you.

If you aren’t tech enough to create this install, then you need to hire someone to create a new pop up menu.   You can hire this out at Upworks.

As with anything, the more value you provide, the more people will be interested in what you have to say and will come back to your site.

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