prospect on FacebookAre you running out of leads for your network marketing business?   You have heard that people can develop lead sources on social media.   Well, how then do you do it?

Should you post pictures of your company showcasing the products.   Well, the answer to that is no   People don’t want to be sold.  They want to make the decision on their own to purchase your product or join your opportunity.  So, how do you build a business online.

The answer is to provide value by posting relevant information about your industry and products that people are really searching for.  And, yes, they really are searching for information on your products.   So, how do you proceed.

Well, say someone messages you on Facebook in response to a post you made.  How do you start the conversation and begin to build rapport?

  1.  No Links
    When responding to a message from someone on a post, don’t put links to your business.   This is your first message.   You have not yet earned the right to prospect this person.
    You don’t know what their needs are or what specifically they are looking for.   If you have an affiliate opportunity, don’t put links for that either.  The purpose of these first messages is to find out the needs of the person.  Resist the urge to post links about your business.Once the time is right, you can provide them links to your business.   You don’t want to drag it out too long.   But, you shouldn’t post any links to your business.
  1. Messages Should Not be Short
    This person has messaged specifically because a post was made in reference to your business or a related matter.
    So, each message should answer questions and provide good information to assist the prospect in their decision making process.   The messages should explain something so they aren’t going to be short.You should provide the requested answers but don’t overload them with information.
  2. Wait Until the Third Message
    You need to wait until at least the third message before you provide a link to your opportunity.  There is a reason that someone has messaged you.   But you need to wait just a little before sending them a link.In the event that the prospect asks you specifically about your business, then you are free to send them a link before the third message.  Otherwise, you need to wait.
  3. Avoid Getting Defensive
    If the prospect responds in a negative manner, then avoid getting defensive.   You always want to be polite.  Remember, this person reached out to you.  You didn’t immediately prospect them on your business.  You took your time.Always be polite.  You never know if the prospect could come back at a later time.   Life circumstances have a  way of changing peoples minds.   So, be polite at all times, it will keep the door open.If you received value, please make sure to comment below.


prospect on Facebook