pexels-photo-223022In order to have a growing network marketing business, you need to have a consistent stream of leads.  This is the only way that you will sustained growth.   Now once you have reached the top levels, then everyone in your team is building your downline.

But, even that takes years to build.   If you don’t have a reliable stream of leads from which to be prospecting then your business will die.  I remember specifically on the day that I got married, the lady who did my makeup was a former top income earner in a network marketing business.

But when she reached the top levels, she lacked the ability to sustain it.   People in her team dropped off and it was difficult to maintain the growth that she had been able to build up.  She watched her income go down and she eventually dropped out of the company.

So, how do you maintain and build a consistent stream of leads in your business?

In an Insider Training from Elite Marketing Pro, I learned the following from top performer, Kevin, in the network marketing industry.

Always Get Referrals
When growing your network marketing. business, you are going to have people that say “No” to you.   When people say no, you can always ask them if they know someone who needs the products or needs to earn some extra money.

When someone says no to you, you can’t take it personal.   They are just saying no.  In some cases, they might be saying “not now”.   Many people who have been successful in this business said no at first.

But, when the time was right and they saw the potential, they were open to joining.

Prospect When You are Out
No. I’m not saying that you go to shopping malls and stalk people for your network marketing business.   Don’t tell your friends that you want to meet them for coffee and then do an ambush with your network marketing business.

When you are out and you run into people, tell them about your network marketing business.   On the training, this top performer described how he had recruited people into his business while sitting on an airplane.

That is a natural way that people talk to you and you generally ask people what they do for a living.

So, just be open to talking about it.   But, don’t do the ambush game. Those types of practices are not duplicatable.

Post on Facebook Page
Now you should do postings that are helpful concerning your product.   This means that you don’t put the product name.   You want to do curiosity posts.  This could be. pictures of the products like “before and after” photos concerning weight loss or anti-aging products.

If you post pictures with product names, then people will go online and look up the name of your company They will likely read the bad things that people have said about your company and then be turned off to the products and the opportunity.

You can post things on your personal page but always evoke curiosity.  Never give it all away what you are selling.   People will then naturally be interested.   That is basic sales psychology.

Home Shows and Expo’s
Yes.  This is another great way to reach out to the cold market.   Maybe you are saying, “I don’t want to do the belly to belly building of the business. I want to do it online.   Well, this is network marketing, so if you want to build a business, you have to talk to people, including those you meet online.

Rent a table at a local expo.   Then. go around the show and talk to other people who have also rented a table.   They are business people know how hard it is to build a business.   They will be open to what you are doing.

Most of them are familiar with network marketing and they know that is a much easier business to work because your efforts are focused on sales, not on the day to day runnings of a business.

Wear Company Gear
If you don’t have a company logo shirt, then you should buy one.   This is a great way to be out in the community where people will ask you about your business.

If they haven’t heard of your business, then they will ask questions and that will be an easy way for you to talk about your business.

Remember just be natural with talking about your business, people will want to listen.

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