mjQon1qIts the middle of winter and if you aren’t lucky enough to jump on a plane and go somewhere warm to relax and get away from the daily stressors, then you need to create your place of relaxation in your home. The best place is a good hot bath soak.  Some of the best ingredients for a bath soak are minerals from the sea. This can be a combination of sea salt and seaweed.  Sea salt is different from table salt because it is not mined from the earth but harvested from the sea. The methods that are being used to harvest sea salt are very similar to what was used thousands of years ago, when man first began discovering it’s benefits.

These ingredients work like a natural exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells that naturally accumulate on our bodies due to just normal wear and tear or from prolonged exposure to the sun and the environment.   Sea salt and other minerals from the sea are rich in natural curing elements, so as it removes the old skin, it leaves the new layer feeling soft and renewed.  So, if you want to begin enjoying the benefits of this natural ingredient, how do you choose a good soak?

Find a soak that only uses ingredients directly coming from the sea. You don’t want to use a product that combines sea salt with other ingredients. You want to make sure that you receive the full benefits of these mineral rich products.  Also, a good sea salt soak is not going to be inexpensive.  Now, it’s not going to cost the same as going to spa.  But you don’t want to buy the cheapest product out there because the ingredients will not be the same as other companies that make it their goal to only provide you with the safest products that have specific calming and cleansing properties.

A great product to consider is Arbonne ®SeaSource Detox Spa Purifying Sea Soak.  You can always rely on Arbonne® products to be safe for your skin and have the best ingredients that will do the work of an expensive one time spa treatment.  This product comes in eight individual packets so you can soak eight times for a lot less than it would cost for one spa treatment.

So, it’s great to be able to travel to the Dead Sea but it’s even better to have the best sea salt soak right on your bathroom shelf.

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