So you have decided to write a blog.  You want to grow your network marketing business by doing it through social media.  You have heard that other people have been successful building their business this way.

So, how then do you get people to your site?  And, once you do what is the best way for them to give you their contact information?

Well, you need a good lead/landing page that persuades them to give you their contact information.

So, what are the requirements of a good landing page.

In a recent webinar with Tim Erway from Elite Marketing Pro, I learned the four ingredients for a great landing page that converts.


Your headline is the first part of your page.   It is what draws people in to see what you have to say.  Your headline needs to be specific, be useful and be desirable.

A specific headline tells your prospect exactly what the post is about.  It tells them what they can expect to learn when they read your post.

A useful headline lets them know the kind of information they will learn by clicking on your headline.  It isn’t vague.  If something is useful, the reader knows that this headline and the information will help them solve a problem.

If your information, doesn’t help them specifically, then they won’t come back to your site.  If your headline on the lead page promises something but then doesn’t deliver, they won’t come back again to read your content.

Your headline has to promise on what it says in order to keep the prospect interested.

In my post, “How to Create the Best Network Marketing Lead Page”, the headline,  tells the reader that this post will teach a prospect how to create a good lead page that a prospect would want to click on.

The opening should never be more than a few paragraphs.  It can be a short story.   But, you need to get the whole story in those opening lines.   When writing a blog post, a paragraph can be two to three sentences.   

If it is longer, the reader will lose interest.   If you don’t keep them engage, they will lose interest and go to another site.

The opening should also state simply what the benefit is that the reader will receive.  It should also agitate the reader-in a good way-as to the problem that this information will solve.

In the payoff, you provide your prospect what was promised to them.  If you told them initially, that you would provide a free report, then you need to do exactly that.

Failing to provide them what you initially stated that you would will turn them off quickly.   They will leave your page.

It has to be worth their while to come to your page.   With THE PAYOFF, you are doing exactly that.

In the Call to Action, you repeat and provide what you stated in the PAYOFF that you would provide.    Make it easy for them to access the information that you promised.

By following through on what you initially stated, you will have a prospect that clicks on your site and eventually becomes a lead.

With practice and  the advice of others who have perfected this system, you will start to see the leads that you desire and a growing business.

If you found value, please make sure to comment below.

Thank you.

Marti Norris


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