network marketing salesPerhaps you are wondering,  why is she talking about group presentations?   This blog is supposed to be about growing your network marketing business online.

Well, you can grow your business using both methods.   Many individuals who have been successful in network marketing have done it the old fashioned way through group presentations.

Even if you meet a prospect online and they express an interest, you still have to connect with them.

So, you can use this method with in person one on one’s or with a prospect over the phone.

Be Organized1.   BE ORGANIZED
When presenting to a group or in person, you need to know exactly what you want to talk about.   Don’t just start talking without a clear plan of how you are going to discuss your opportunity.

With a group presentation or a one on one, you start the talk by telling your own story.   Hit the highlights of what drew you to network marketing.

Have notes and write down step by step what you are going to talk about.

Building a network marketing downline is building a business.  If you don’t take it seriously, your prospects won’t either.

So, be organized and make sure it shows when you do your group presentation.

Since you are giving a network marketing group presentation, you could start by explaining the business of network marketing.   Why does a company choose to distribute their products via network marketing channels?  Why don’t they just have their products on the store shelves?

There is a logical answer to this.   It has to do with cost and the fact that companies prefer to invest their funds in paying customers and distributors to purchase their products and then promote those products.

All network marketing companies choose this method of distribution.

When switching to specifics, you need to explain why you chose your particular network marketing company.   All network marketing companies will say they have the best product.   But, there is a reason that you chose the company you are associated with.

If I were giving the presentation, then I would explain to them why I chose the network marketing company that I am associated with.   It is because their products cleared up my acne issues when I was 38.

This was a big deal for me.   I was not looking to join a network marketing company, this all happened by default.   I was looking for a product that would finally clear up my acne.   And, my companies products did that.   So, you can see why I am a believer in their product.

In my case, the benefit that I explained to them was specific to me.   The skin care and vitamin cleared up my acne.

If they are an acne sufferer, then they will relate to your benefit.

If they have other skin issues, then you have to explain what makes your product different all around.

If they have energy issues, then explain to them how your network marketing company has products that can address those issues.

And,if they are concerned about the appearance of their skin  as they age, explain to them the products that are available.

If you want to be even more specific, then come with product samples in hand that you are willing to part with.

There is a real reason that you joined your network marketing company.   You decided that you wanted to build a business.   But, it was the products that made you a believer first.

And, honestly.  You are selling the products that happen to come along with the business.

What makes you different will be the products.   There are plenty of solid network marketing companies out there.

In my case, I was sold on the products and eight years later, I am still a believer in the quality of the products and their clean ingredients.

So, now you know the first four requirements to ace your group and one on one presentations.  It might seem awkward at first but the more you practice, the easier it will become.

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