How Many Days Does it Take?How many days does it take to remove acne?   This is a question that I asked myself all throughout my twenties and well into my thirties.  I was plagued with acne and no matter what I did, it still came back.

My acne in my twenties was so bad that I would often stay home from social functions because I was so ashamed of how I felt with these ugly red bumps on my skin.

I remember another time at church where a well meaning older lady came up to me and remarked on how poor my skin looked.   Needles to say, I didn’t receive her “Intended helpful comments well”.

So, if you get acne and you are wondering how long before these often painful, ugly bumps disappear from my face?

Well the answer is,  “It depends.”   It depends on the type of acne or how deep the acne.

Acne breaks out on your skin, when the hair follicles on your face become clogged with your natural skin oils and also dead skin cells.   The acne occurs because the hair follicles are connected to oil glands.   The glands release oil and when they become clogged with dirt, it can create a white outgrowth that is painful and results in what we know as acne.

Some people think that eating chocolate, oily fried foods and other junk food causes your skin to break out.   Well the oil may contribute to it.   But eating junk food does not cause acne.  The cause is the oil glands and the dead skin cells.

Acne will not usually disappear in a few days unless it is just one small pimple.   With a more severe case, it can take weeks for the acne to clear up with consistent treatment.    If you suffer with acne, the first day the pimple shows up, you want it to be cleared up as soon as possible.

In order to properly treat acne so that your complexion stays relatively clear for the long term, you have to find a treatment that works for you and then be consistent with that treatment to see the real results.   Even with treatments, you will still have breakouts.

Even with using a good treatment, it can still take some time for the acne to go away.   It will not go away quickly.   And, trying to pop your pimples by applying pressure will only make it worse.   Don’t pop by using your fingers.

So, keep searching until  you find the treatment that works for you.   In my case, it was the combination of herbs with a skin wash regimen that finally gave me the long term results that I was looking for.  And, even in my mid forties, I still have the occasional pimple.

But, be consistent with the treatment and don’t think that because your skin cleared up that it won’t come back.  That wasn’t ever my experience.  It will clear up and one day, you won’t dread looking in the mirror.

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