foot creamWondering how to choose the right foot cream?  The warm weather is already here, so the sandals are replacing socks and warmer shoes.   Are you wondering if your feet will look great when you show them off in a new pair of summer sandals?

Well, if you want a foot cream that will work great on your feet but also has ingredients that are good for your skin, then you should consider  we will o nce again be celebrating Christmas.  I am one of those people who likes to get an early start on gift shopping.  If you are looking for a good pampering gift for a friend, or a hostess present then I would recommend the Arbonne ®Pampermint® Hand & Foot Care Gift Set which is a peppermint smelling hand and foot creme.    Not only would this be a good Christmas gift but any foot creme from Arbonne® is going to be the best foot creme.  Just like with all Arbonne® products, you can have the assurance that what you are putting on your skin is not harmful and it is made up of the best ingredients for your skin.  Long after the holidays are over, you or your friend can continue to enjoy the pampering and using the best foot creme as well as the hand creme.

If you are invited to a Christmas party and wondering what would be a good gift to take to your hostess, this would also be a great present and a way to introduce your host to Arbonne® products.  Early this year,  we were invited to a housewarming party and I took the host the Arbonne® Pampermint® Set.  (I must tell the truth, I had one left over.)  It makes a great gift and you don’t have to worry about wrapping it already comes in a nice decorative box.  If you are thinking of more than one person who might enjoy this gift, you will need to stock up before Pampermint® Hand & Foot Care Gift Set sells out.  The best foot creme, in my opinion, is only available before the holidays.  So when the product is sold out, then you need to wait again until next year.