Untitled design-4For well into my late 30’s, I had severe acne.  No matter how many medications I used, it kept coming back.   I took medication and went even to special alternative health practitioners in order to try to get my acne to go away.

One of the treatments that I tried was Acne Facials.  If you are struggling with severe cystic acne, then you may be considering an acne facial as a way to get your acne to clear up.

I had facials done several times.   Initially my skin would look a little better.   But, the acne never went away.   So, I ended up spending a bunch of money but the acne always came back.

If you are thinking of getting an acne facial.   You need to make sure that you consider the following two factors before you pay for anything.

Facials Work on Mild Acne
If you have severe cystic acne, then the acne facial will possibly only inflame the skin.   And, when the Dermatologist or Aestheticians seeks to clean out the pimples, it is going to be painful.   If your acne is severe, then a facial is most likely not for you.   There is a chance that when the Aesthetician at the Dermatologist or the Spa seeks to bring the impurities to the surface, scarring could result on the skin.

Acne facials work better with individuals who have light to moderate acne.  If you have cystic acne that is severe, then having facials is probably not going to be your best option.  You need to focus on first getting your acne cleared up with medication.  Once the acne has improved, then you can consider having an acne facial done.

Facials  Should only be Done at Dermatologist or Experienced Aesthetician
Facials should always be done at the Dermatologist office where there is the supervision of a Dermatologist.   Also, make sure that the procedure is done under highly sanitary conditions.   An Acne Facial will most likely not be performed by a Dermatologist.  It will likely be completed by a Technician in the doctors office who is skilled in these treatments and is under the supervision of the Doctor.

They need to be skilled because of the chemicals involved in the facial process.  You want to make extra sure that the person performing the facial has significant experience in treating acne.

If you decide to have the facial done at a spa, make sure that the person performing the facial is a registered Aesthetician.   They will have completed required training and also be licensed by the state.   Allowing your skin to be treated by anyone other than these types of professionals would be a foolish choice.

There is a chance that you could cause scarring if the treatment is not performed in a proper manner.

Remember, there is no magic treatment for acne.   You just have to treat your skin with a variety of methods until you find the one that works the best for your skin.

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Marti Norris


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