How to Choose a Network Marketing CompanyIf you have decided that you want to build a network marketing business, how do you choose which company whose products that you want to promote when there are so many options.

If you meet network marketers from various companies, most will passionately tell you why you need to join their specific company.  (Hint, they are probably just repeating statements from their upline.)

But, if you decide to build a network marketing business without someone approaching you about their particular company then you should choose which company based on the three following factors.


1.  Company Should Have an Established Track Record
It is best to join a network marketing company that has been in business for a few years.   By not being one of the first 1000 to join, you are aligning your self with a company that has some of the first kinks associated with being in the network marketing business.

This means that they ship the orders on time and pay the commissions in a timely fashion.

If a company is very new, say less than a year, they don’t have yet an established records of payment.

2.  Network Marketing Company should be a Member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association).  The DSA® has high standards in order to join and comply with various membership requirements.  Only network marketing companies can join if they  follow the highest network marketing standards and comply with all government regulations.

There may be newer network marketing companies out there that are not yet members.  If the company that you would like to join and promote is not a member, then you should inquire as to when they will become a member.

3.   The Company Should Allow you to use Social Media to Build your Business
For the last 50 years, most individuals who have joined a network marketing company were told to make a list of 100 names of friends and family.   Only the strong few were able to do this and rise to the top income levels.

These methods have worked for some.   But, for the average person, making a list and calling them is not something they would enjoy.

A person now joining is going to want to use the power of the internet to build their business.   This means having a blog, using social media platforms to provide value and to connect with other like minded individuals.

Reach out to people who have shown an interest in network marketing.   Many people are looking for a way out of their job, to have some measure of control over their financial future.

4.  Join a Network Marketing Company that You can be Passionate About
I have been a member of a network marketing company for more than eight years.  I only recently became serious about building a business.  I joined this company initially because I believe in their products.

I have now used their skin care line for more than nine years.  I believe in these products because I suffered with severe acne for all of my teenage years and a good part of my adult life.  It was not till in my late 30’s with the help of these products that my skin finally cleared up.

I am a big believer in their products.  At their creation, the company’s goal was about creating, products that do what they advertise.  I enjoy and can passionately talk about their products because I believe in them.

Don’t just join any network marketing company.  Join a company where they have an established track record can honestly promote products that you personally believe in.

If you don’t believe in them, then no one will see a reason to join your company.

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