home based businessMy husband and I run a small business.   There are four employees including us.   We service pools, provide equipment and work with reputable local contractors to do swimming pool renovations.

As we live in North Georgia, we have our busier times of the year.  We are now coming into the busy season.

We enjoy working with swimming pools but it is a business that requires a lot of patience and constant work.

Essentially, we are joined at the hip with the business.  And, if we aren’t working-meaning servicing pools or replacing equipment, then we don’t make any money.

While running this business, primarily the finances, I have been seeking to grow my network marketing business through blogging about the benefits of network marketing.

The more time I spend educating myself and my readers, I can honestly say that a network marketing business would be much easier to run, once you are building a successful downline.

Here are the reasons why the home based business model makes sense.

1. You get paid for the work and sales of others and you don’t have to pay those people to do their work or pay employment taxes on their earnings.
It’s just much easier than having employees and all the hoops that you have to jump through.

2.  You don’t need to rent space,  you can operate it  out of your closet or your bed room as your office.
With a standard brick and mortar business, this is not the case.  We can’t store all the pool chemicals and parts in our garage.   (We would receive warnings from our HOA.)

You can work from home and your customers can be from all over the world wherever your network marketing company does business.In a traditional brick and mortar business, you can only do business with people-generally-that you see in person.

3. Before you can get paid, you have to do the work, then you have to send out a bill and wait for the money to get paid.
In a network marketing company/home based business, your prospects can log onto your website, purchase product.

They pay for the product online with the company and you get credit.  You don’t have to take their payment but you get credit for the sale.

I previously have had to sue customers that didn’t pay us.   So this means that I had to take the time to prepare the papers and then file the papers with the court and wait to hear something.  Hopefully, they did or a lawyer did.

I once had to actually go to a mediation against a former customer that decided not to pay his bill after we serviced his pool for more than three months.  We had to spend hours of our time to try to collect the money.

We finally collected the money more than six months after we spent money to pay our workers.

This is not the case with network marketing and one of the reasons that I am seeking to grow a business.

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