oosKyxCIf you dye your hair color or need to have your highlights updated on a regular basis, then you you likely use a shampoo for color treated hair.  Using a special shampoo for color treated hair helps to preserve the luster and shine of the color treatment on your hair.  Hair is made up of keratin which is the same component in our nails.  When the hair is either dyed or bleached, with a peroxide, the makeup of the hair shaft is changed which causes the color of the hair to change.  When the color treated hair is shampooed, the shampoo does not change the color of hair so after some time, the natural color of the hair shaft will eventually start to show.  As we all know, going to the salon for color or highlight updates is not cheap-good treatments that are not as hard on the hair that is.

So, in an effort to keep good color between visits to the salon, a good color shampoo will help to extend the color of the hair between salon visits.  If you lighten/bleach your hair, then you would need to use a different shampoo than if you are just dyeing your hair to keep your same color and hide your greys.  If you are spending money on expensive trips to the salon, then it would probably be a good idea to use a color shampoo that will not only protect the hair after it has been chemically treated but also a shampoo for color treated hair that will help to keep the color great even after several weeks of daily shampooing.  A good shampoo for color treated hair will use ingredients from nature like tea life extract, artichoke extract and ginger that will not only clean and soften the hair but also help the hair maintain its shine and color for as long as possible between visits to the salon.