Should I spend extra money on a hair treatment?   The answer is no.

Well, the spring season is here so that means you will be shedding all those extra winter clothes.  You want your hair looking it’s best when you wear those tops that show off your shoulders.  If you color treat your hair, maybe you are wondering if you need a spa hair treatment so that your hair looks great during the spring and summer.   You can have your hair looking great and avoid the expensive spa’s by doing a natural hair spa treatment at home.

hair treatmentOne of the harshest treatments on hair is the highlighting process as  you are essentially bleaching your hair to a lighter color or a different color.  If you have your highlights updated every couple of months, then you are regularly doing damage to your hair shaft.  Hair that is treated with coloring agents is going to need more care with making sure that the hair retains its natural color and shine than hair that is not color treated.

If you color treat your hair (I am now in that category), then you will need to make sure that you use products that will help to ensure that you color stays looking healthy in between salon visits.

Spa hair treatment products that will maintain your color will include ingredients like white ginger extract and wheat protein.  White ginger extract helps  improve hair shine and color protection.  Wheat extract and wheat protein conditions the hair and also improves the  hair silkiness and shine.  Another ingredient that is great to maintain your color is the extract from the leaf of an artichoke.  (I have never been a fan of this vegetable.) This extract is great for helping maintain hair shine.

Treatments at the salon or at any day spa are never cheap.  But, if you would like to do something to maintain the healthiness of your hair between visits to the spa, then you might want to consider Arbonne® Detox Hair Spa Fortifying Hair Mask.  This is a great natural spa hair treatment that will nourish your hair in-between spa visits.  This is for color treated hair.  You can have a day of beauty for a lot less than visits to the spa.

This Arbonne® hair mask costs less than one visit to the spa and you have many more treatments still in the bottle. So, if you color, make sure that you care for your hair.

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