sales leadsYou’ve been providing value on your website and on social media sites.  People are starting to reach out to you to learn more about you and the opportunity you are promoting.   This is the thing that you have been waiting for, please are reaching out to you, not you chasing people with your opportunity.

So, if you want to convert these people into sales, what is the best way?  Well, in this post, I will share four points that will help you to turn leads into sales.

Cultivate the Relationship
When you first meet a new friend, it takes some months for the relationship to form.   You don’t become best friends over night.  It doesn’t ever work like that.   A new relationship must be cultivated over time.

For example, this morning,  I took a coffee from a well known coffee shop to a friend who didn’t ask for it.   I knew that she would likely be at home and that it would be a nice gesture.   When I gave her the coffee, she was happy to receive it.  I have known this person a little over seven months.   With the experiences and the the things shared in these seven months, I would know say that this is a good friend.

We were at the point that it was perfectly normal for me to make a gesture like this.   We had cultivated the friendship.

With a sales lead, this is the same thing that you do.   You don’t just on the first contact by message start trying to sell them your product.   You find out what their needs are and how can you help.   This is how you cultivate the relationship, you take time and treat the relationship with care.

If you want to convert these people into sales, what is the best way?  Well, in this post, I will share four points that will help you to turn leads into sales


Listen More than You Talk
This is a given in any new relationship that if you talk too much, then you can risk loosing the relationship.  If you want the relationship to last, then you have to be a good listener.   This is the same in a marriage as well as in a sales relationship.   You sales leadsneed to be a good listener.

When you are in a new sales relationship, the only real talking you should do is ask questions of the prospect.    Don’t launch into a “vomit” about your product or opportunity.   Your new prospect will be turned off and you will have the lost the chance to build a relationship and make a sale.

So, listen more than you talk.   When the time comes to answer the questions of your prospect, you will have gained their trust and they will listen to what you have to say.


Answer Every Question Thoroughly
When your new prospect asks you questions about internet marketing, answer them thoroughly.   Just tell them the truth.   Give them the information that they need to make an informed decision.

If they are asking product specific questions and you don’t know the answer, tell them that you need to look it up.   Don’t send them to a company website.   You will likely loose the chance to bring them on your team.

Most company websites are like online product catalogues.   Now, yes.  Some have improved, but they are just full of information that may be difficult to digest for a new prospect.   Answer their question thoroughly but try to limit how long that you talk.   You don’t want to go into the “vomit” mode.


Don’t Put Down the Competition
This applies in all businesses.   Know your competition.   But, don’t put them down.   Prospects will think that you have something to hide.  You want to focus on how you can help them.   If you focus on answering their questions thoroughly and truthfully, they will have the information they need.   They won’t go looking to your competition.

People who talk about other people just don’t come across as someone you feel that you can trust.   The prospect may wonder when the time will come that you will talk about them.   So, provide your customer value and focus on how you can help them.   They will look at the competition.   

But, if they are the customer for you, then they will come back to you because of what you have provided for them.   

When you build the relationship over time in the right way, you will gain a customer.   When you continue to treat them that way, you will have a repeat customer and build a long term relationship.

If you received value from this post, please make sure to comment below.   Thanks so much.



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