plant-paprika-pepper-grow-82728Are you in the direct sales industry?  Are you struggling?  Have you run out of people to talk to?

There is a way that you can have people reaching out to you to join your business.  It’s not the way that you have been told.   You don’t call people up on the phone and ask them to join.

You learn to provide valuable information so that people who are searching will join your direct sales business when they are ready.

This is is not something that will happen overnight.   But, if you provide content, good content, they will come.

People are searching online for solutions to money problems and health problems.   They are looking, millions of them from all over the world.

Provide them answers and they will join you in your business to either purchase products or join your opportunity.

In a recent training by top network marketer, Ray Higdon, I learned the following about growing your business.

  1.  Have a Vision
    This means that you have a goal that you want to accomplish.   If you are seeking to grow a network marketing business, know where you want to be in a specific time frame.If you don’t have a goal, then you will drift.   A person with a vision will draw others to that vision.
  2. Immerse Yourself
    Spend a specific amount of time each day learning about your business.  The more you learn, the more you can share with others who are interested in what you are teaching.If you aren’t learning, then you won’t have anything to share with others who will eventually be drawn to you and want to join your business.
  3. Create Content
    On a regular consistent basis, create videos and blog posts to share with your audience.  You need to post this information on your blog/website.It’s fine to share the posts on major social media sites.But, the posts always need to be on your blog.  That way you own and have full control over the information.
  4. Build and Serve your Audience
    This means that when you create content, it is content that is interesting and useful.   Serving your audience doesn’t mean you tell them about what you did over the weekend with your family, unless an experience that you had can add value to their lives.

    When you have created a significant amount of content, you can turn that content into a book, that is a free download for your readers.There are free things that you can give your audience but there are also times that you can charge for the content that you provide.

  5. Monetize your Audience
    The purpose of having a blog is to provide people with information so that they join your network marketing business as an independent consultant.If they don’t join your business or are already involved with another company, then may be interested in purchasing affiliate products.

    The goal is to continue to provide them with great value so they continue to listen to what you have to say and purchase products from you.

Follow these steps and you will see the growth in your business, that you are looking for.  It will not be overnight, but it will happen.

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