Untitled design-3There are many blogs out on the internet where people post content.   But, what is the actual purpose of a blog?  It is to post content that people will actually read and maybe want to follow some of your recommendations.

So, how do you write a blog post that people will want to read and take the next step, give you their contact information?

The goal is that this person continues to read what you have to say.   Eventually, they may actually want to purchase a product or service from you.

Have a plan when you write the post and then people will actually read what you have to say.

  1. Tell a Story
    This doesn’t mean that you tell a story about your childhood.   Now, if the story is actually relevant to what you are promoting or educating on, then it would be fine to tell that story.   When you tell a story in a manner that is interesting, then people will actually want to listen.If you represent a specific network marketing company, talk about how this business has changed things in your life.  It has allowed you to have more time with your family.  Or if a product has helped you solve a specific health problem, then share that story with potential readers.

2.   Be Conversational
Write in a style that is conversational.   If it is appropriate to add humor to the conversation, then you can add it.   But, you have to be sure that your audience has the same sensitivities.   Sometimes what you consider may actually be offensive to someone else.

Be interesting in your conversation, then people will want to hear what you have to say.   And, even better, they may comment and ask questions.   A conversation is more than just one person speaking.

3.   Be  Optimistic
Your writing should be like your conversation.   Be a person that people want to be around.   Most people want to be around someone who is positive and optimistic.   Now,  when I say optimistic, I also mean that you are someone who is realistic but also optimistic at the same time.

Don’t be a downer and tell people how hard it is to do this business.  You can tell them that it takes a lot of work.   But, if you persist and do the work, then you will see the results.

Also, most people naturally want to be around someone who is optimistic.  Be that person.

4.   Repeat Your Keywords
People will find your content based upon the keywords that they search.   Your keywords should be repeated three-four times in your blog post.   (I honestly don’t know how everything works on the search engines.)   But, if you follow the guidelines of people who have really studied this, then your content will be found.

You may be asking, how do I find out what keywords people are searching for.   Well, you can look up search terms in a free tool on Google or you can purchase a program like Market Samurai, where you have advanced search tools that show you what people are looking for.

I purchased my software some years ago and it was money well spent and less than $500.

5.   Use Figures and Facts
Using facts and figures helps to back up statements that you make.   If you just write anything without something to back it up, then people may wonder why they should listen to what you have to say.

You can always search online for facts and figures concerning your specific industry.   Since I am with the network marketing industry, there are organization like the Direct Selling Association.   These are   reputable organizations who provide accurate data.

Also, more and more individuals in the business field are studying this industry so their results are available.  It would be worth your while to go and purchase a recent book on the industry so that you can speak knowledgeably about what you are promoting.


Keep working towards your goals,


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