olFfbJmIts hard to believe that we are already three weeks into fall.  In this post,  I decided to talk about the Arbonne® fall color makeup for green eyes-since I have green eyes.  You can wear whatever colors you choose but some people like to do different colors based upon the season of the year.

I have five of the Arbonne® eyeshadows in a variety of colors.  What makes Arbonne® eyeshadows different is that they are vegan, paraben free and not tested on animals.  They also have a cucumber extract as well as other vitamins.  If you compare the appearance of an Arbonne® eyeshadow with someone that you would purchase at the drug store, the Arbonne® shadows are very smooth looking in their consistency.

Currently for the fall color makeup for green eyes, I use the color Petal  It’s a light pink peach color.  The color is similar to some of the shades seen on the autumn leaves.  It’s a soft enough color that you can combine it with other colors if you should so choose.  The next color that I like is called Moss and you can guess what color this is,  it is a darker green.  It is also paraben free as well as being vegan.  Although in the picture, the color appears darker, it is really not that dark once it on the eye.

If you don’t have green eyes, then there may be other colors that you would be interested.  As always, Arbonne® has a great selection of eyeshadows in more than twenty shades.  You need to find the colors that work for you.  Always go with the color makeup based upon on your eye color.  Using the right color makeup for green/blue eyes will only improve your confidence.  Remember Arbonne® only puts ingredients into their makeup that not only look great in front of the close-up mirror, they also are good for your skin.

So remember if you are one of the millions who are green eyed, think about doing some different with the fall color makeup for green eyes.

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