winter-road-arrow-74780Do you want to Fail Forward in your business?   Would you like to be able to learn from your mistakes made and finally reach your goals?   Well, if this is you, then you need to learn the definition of failing forward.

In the book by John Maxwell, “Failing Forward”, the author describes the qualities of individuals who are able to take their mistakes, learn something from them and reach their goals.

 Realize there is one difference between average people and achieving people.
Everyone will experience troubles in life.   If you are trying to improve yourself and do better, then you will have failures.  Depending on what you are trying  to achieve, the levels of  failure will bel different.Average people, when they lose a job, think they won’t find something better.They look for a while and when things don’t turn out or a job doesn’t turn up, they give up and agree to settle.Achieving people get knocked down, and get back up and keep moving in the direction of their goals.

They keep moving regardless of how things may appear on the outside.You can actually switch from average to an achiever just by deciding that you are going to achieve your goals despite how your circumstances may look from the outside.That is the great thing about being an achiever, you always change.

It doesn’t matter what your age is.   Some of the most famous people didn’t have the successes that they are known for until much later in life.   If they had quit, even at an older age, then future generations will not know about their successes.

2. Learn a New Definition of Failure

When you have a failure, you need to step back and first examine what went wrong.   Just because you failed, doesn’t make you a failure.If you figure out what went wrong and take the steps to correct it, then you have learned something for the next time.

It is a failure, if you keep making the same mistakes.Learn something from each mistake, and the next time you will come out further ahead.

  1. Remove “you” from Failure
    If you focus on what you did wrong, then you will not learn from your failure.   Don’t focus on what “you” did wrong. It will be obvious to you and others involved, that a mistake was made.Beating yourself up for the mistake made is focusing on the wrong thing.Yes. you need to realize that a mistake was made, but figure out how to not make it the next time.If you focus on you, then you are being selfish.  Focus on how you can learn from this and continue to help others by providing value and improving the quality of their lives.
  2. Take Action and Reduce your Fear
    Average people who experience failure stay down.   They keep going but never realize their dreams.   They give up on their dreams and don’t take the steps to go in that direction.The fear of failing again keeps them stuck where they are.   They feel like if people knew that they failed again, then they would make fun of them.They would rather just stop taking risks.Achieving people keep going regardless of whether they are afraid and move towards their goals.   Also, they are not afraid to continue to take action knowing that each step will get them closer in the direction of their goals.
  3. Change your Response to Failure by Accepting ResponsibilityIt is human nature for people to not want to accept responsibility for their failures.   But, individuals who achieve great things accept responsibility.They learn from each mistake and the next time do better.It is a character trait of people who don’t achieve anything great to blame others for the fact that they have not accomplished anything significant.Or, if they are stuck, they blame everyone else from their family, co-workers and acquaintances.Leaders take responsibility even when it’s hard.They don’t blame others.   They learn from each mistake and then work on doing better the next time.   With each mistake, they learn and slowly climb their way to the top.

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