Untitled design-2Are you trying to grow a network marketing business?   Do you wish there was a way that you could communicate with potential prospects to see if they were a fit for your business?

Well, if you want to be successful with selling with prospects.  Then, you need to find out what is their motivation for buying.  Once you know their reason for buying or if they are even interested in what you are selling, then you know how to communicate with them.  T

Here are the sales tips on why people buy for very specific reasons.  People don’t like to be sold.  They want to make the choice on their own to purchase your product.

In the Copywriters Guild course, by David Garfinkel and Tim Erway, I learned that there are seven reasons why people buy.  This post will address the first four.

1) Save Money
Most people even those that are well off want to save money.  If it is an individual of reasonable means, then they will usually try to purchase expensive items at a more reasonable cost instead of at full price.
There are often stories in the news of extremely wealthy people who are very miserly.  So, even at that level, people want to save money.  It’s not just the middle class.
2) Make Money
This is a sales tip especially for people who are business owners.  If purchasing a specific product will help them in their business to make money.  Then, there is a good chance that they will buy.
If the product will only cost them money and not make them money, then you probably won’t have a sale.
3) Improve Health
This past week, my spouse signed up for some extensive blood tests.  He also purchased products that will help him to lose weight and get healthier.  Before the purchase was even made, he knew going in that he wanted to purchase.  He had heard testimonies from people who experienced improved health with these products.
4) Eliminate Pain
This is one of the biggest reasons people buy.  Sometimes the reason for wanting to eliminate pain is not really a good reason.  It may be better in the long term to endure the pain.  But, most of us in the U.S. don’t really like to experience pain.
If there is a product that is for a reasonable cost that will help to eliminate pain, then most people are an easy sell.
So, if you have a product in your network marketing opportunity that will satisfy one of the above reasons, then you will be able to sell.  If the person that you are talking to doesn’t at the time have any of the above reasons for buying, then you are wasting your time trying to sell to them.
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