mC2FBfiWhen you look at your eyes in the morning or at night, are you wondering if you need a dark circles treatment?  Well, what causes dark circles?  Well, according to health experts, dark circles under the eyes are caused by improper diet, not getting enough sleep, smoking or too much alcohol.  If you do a lot of partying or hanging out in bars in your twenties, then it will show in your thirties.  Drinking alcohol is not something that nourishes your body unless it’s an occasional glass of red wine.  When our body is tired, then the eyes will be the first one to show it.

If you have dark circles or more fine lines then you would like to see, research products that have excellent natural ingredients that will minimize the dark circles and fine lines that start to appear in our late twenties.  If you do some hard partying or have other big life stressors, then the age lines come quicker.

A great product that can lessen and lighten your dark circles is Arbonne® Calm Soothing Eye Gel.  This product is easy to apply with a rollerball applicator.  This product will help the skin to fill refreshed.  Ingredients like Alfalfa Seed Extract help to minimize the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.  Other great ingredients include Hydrolyzed Lupine (Lupinus albus) Protein Extract.  This natural extract helps to also minimize the appearance of puffy skin and bags under the eyes.

Another great natural ingredient to help improve dark circles around the eyes is by just drinking more water.  The more your body is hydrated and replenished, the better your skin is going to look.  But, if you don’t get enough water and you don’t always take care of yourself, then this is a great product to minimize the effects and appearance of aging on your skin.

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